Sunday, October 2, 2016

"As the body grows weaker, the Spirit grows Stronger"

PRIESTHOOD POWER!!! Zona San Francisco... Excuse Elder Cardozo... lol

I am doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol hey I am writing the message now! I don't have a lot of time today... LOTS TO DO! I PROMISE I DON'T HAVE THE RESULTS YET LOL that's why we have little time! hahaha

When Elder Hugo Martinez of the 70 came he spoke POWERFULLY of our purpose as Missionaries and of President Monson. As he spoke he said "As President Monson is advancing in age what he does is literally impossible from a medical standpoint , but as the body grows weaker, the Spirit grows Stronger."  This week has been a testament of that... The new diet I have been reduced to is Plantains boiled without seasoning, Ñame (which is a root), white rice without oil, Chicken made in a nonstick pan with little seasoning and Broccoli and LOTS AND LOTS OF PAPAYA lol NEEDLESS to say I miss Momma's cooking! hahaha . I can say I have been more tired this week of my mission than all other weeks... But I have had Incredible Experiences. I want to share just one. The other day as we were trying to get to a cita  (appointment) a STRONG thunderstorm moved in... We could hear the rain on tin roofs moving closer as we started to BOOK IT running. We got into the house LITERALLY right as the rain hit where we were at. As we practically dived in another guy dived in as well! We realized that our investigator wasn't there in the house but his uncle was. Then the man who jumped in with us told us that he was our investigator's brother... He then started to become contentious speaking of our religion. I started to defend our beliefs when my companion stepped in and offered a prayer. After that the Spirit came into the house and I explained the Restoration and then my companion bore testimony. After we both taught in PERFECT harmony defending our faith and testifying of the things we knew to be true... After about a 90 minutes discussion we invited the man to be baptized... and HE SAID YES. My companion and I were so happy that we could help this man break through the "Veil of Darkness" and see the light of the true gospel. It was no chance that he ran into us that day or that the missionaries had already taught him SEVERAL years ago... The Lord set the conditions and we were able to find.. " pues he aquí, el campo blanco está ya para la siega; y he aquí, quien mete su hoz con su fuerza atesora para sí, de modo que no perece, sino que trae salvación a su alma;" (" for behold, the field is white already to harvest; and behold, who puts his sickle with his might treasure for himself, so that does not perish, but bringeth salvation to his soul; ")

My stomach is improving gradually day by day. I understand that you're worried mom but their is very little I can do here in the DR. Hermana Castillo wanted to send me home but Dr. Peña entered and told her that I could hold on 6 Weeks longer. If President tells me I shouldn't I wont, but I think I can without a problem... It will just be very interesting coming home and getting my health back on track...

Thanks mom... Look to be honest I don't know If I am going to be able to finish my mission. I am getting tired. Mom I am in the Lords hands now. I love this work with my entire heart but I know that a man should not walk faster than he has strength... But throughout my mission I have learned that my limits are unknown to me, especially as Celestial help always comes to the rescue. My goal is to end my mission having served two full years but I will return if President Castillo says I should and has received revelation that it is necessary and not a moment before... I love you all a lot. Please keep me in your prayers.. Also say hi to Patriarch Gasque for me!!

Te amo tambien... (I love you too) Voy hablar con Hermana Castillo hoy y ver las opciones...  (I am going to talk to Sister Castillo today and see the options) But while I was sitting in a meeting the other day the Spirit brought a reminder to me... My First zone leader in the mission was a X Games competitor. He actually tore up the muscles in his leg pretty bad. His name was Elder Hudson but I remember that they gave him the chance to go home a Transfer early to fix his leg so that he could keep on Competing... They had the tickets bought and everything but he decided to stay and finish out the mission... he said it was more important that anything else.. His example has helped me continue on and I hope I may do the same as him... I love you all... Hurrah for Israel... Remember the atonement!