Sunday, August 28, 2016

His name was Gabriel

This is our house and the Dog that follows us around everywhere (Don't worry she's not our pet... ) lol btw these are my ORIGINAL Mission pants that grandma bought me... they are HUGE but in great condition... LOL Hope you all are doing good! 

Wow mom... I can't even EXPLAIN the tears that have just been shed seeing Elder Ramos back in Action. He is truly the greatest friend I have had here in the mission. As we were praying right before we left the house he came to my mind clear as day. I remembered sleeping on the couch next to his bed Praying during the night for him and fasting that he would at one point be able to serve again. Needless to say my heart has been filled to the brim with Joy and truly the Alma and the Sons of Mosiah must have felt the same after being away from each other for so long a time and to see that they were still Brothers in the Lord having kept the faith. I know Elder Ramos will see many miracles for his incredible sacrifice, you truly can't know how much he suffered while he was here. (Elder Ramos was the companion that he trained but had to go home early for he was very sick.)

To be honest this week has literally been as though the very Jaws of Hell had opened up after us. Every cita (appointment) has fallen, my companion got sick again, and much more but this news had made this week worth it. This week I had the opportunity to Dedicate my first grave. While me and my companion were eating at a restaurant (I had the feeling to eat there that day) A man stopped us and said something about a funeral. That Sunday he and his in active wife showed up to church and asked us to pass by and basically preach as Sermon. We started with a hymn of just four people (everyone else wasn't members) and then she asked me to preach... I shared about the Plan of Salvation to a group of about 25 people... then we went and she asked me to dedicate his grave. His name was Gabriel, he was 17 and a non member, he died of a brain tumor. They found it in March and he lasted until now. Her father also passed away from cancer. As we left that funeral I reflected a lot and I remembered when I had 2 months in the field and Elder Flores did the same. I couldn't help but chuckle and see how far the Journey has been... I love you guys.
 some of the kids from the Primary made us HLJ or CTR Braclets! We attached them to our bag!

I DID GET THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR THE TIES!!! I gave three to my comp... I loved the Puerto Rico hat too! But your face cream exploded from the pressure in the plane... LOL I had to wash everything. I WAS EXPECTING A LETTER POUCH WITH JUST A LITTLE VISINE IN IT!!!! hahahahahaha Thank you for spoiling me.. I took money out again today and got all the suits made.. They will be ready in 15 days! I saw his work and the suits turned out REALLY nice. I may get transferred though so I will have the Elders here pick it up for me if that happens!

Tell President Rivera that his letter really strengthened my testimony and my animo... he sent it in the PERFECT moment. I can't wait to assist the Spanish Ward when i get back... I may make it my home ward...

I have finally learned enough Spanish that I can read a Spanish Dictionary WOOO hahaha

Thanks dad...I also dedicated my first grave today... The only Priesthood Ordinance that I have not performed is literally saying the words for a priesthood ordination, even though I have participated in them... As I dedicated the grave I truly felt The Power of the Priesthood. It's funny how every time I access that Power I truly feel tired afterwards... I can't wait to meet this young man when I get back. I truly loved Brother Grove.. I still remember how every Sunday he would put one hand on my shoulder and say HOW YOU DOING TIMMY?! and then slide sugar free root beer barrels into my hand because I was Pre-Diabetic at that point... Truly his Posterity must be something special. Please tell Sister Grove that I say hi and that I love her. Till this day the first lessons of Primary I clearly remember were from her in our CTR 8 class and the love she showed us. Her Lessons were part of a very large building block leading to the testimony I am able to share today as a missionary. She helped train Future Missionaries.. I love you pops... I will talk to you next week!!

Elder Hefner

Sunday, August 21, 2016


The Baptism of Lowilky! With Elder Dominguez a Seventy 

So this week was full of INCREDIBLE blessings and SUPER hard trials, but It all paid off in the end. Lowilky is a really special kid. I have never had a Baptism that Spiritual in my entire time. We started the Baptism off with Lowilky's favorite hymn "Come follow me" followed by talks by Hermano Thevinin and Aroni. After that the Baptism was done flawlessly without a hitch. We went back in and we watched the 12 minute version of the Restoration. The Spirit sort of settled into the room and all the members felt silent as it was time for testimonies. Two of Lowilkey's friends bore testimony and after followed my comp. My comp bore strong testimony of being a recent convert in an entirely non Mormon family and being a youth (By the way my comp will hit his 2 year mark as a member here in the mission field in the next month) with non Mormon friends. Her shared how he lost all his friends and clung to the gospel and decided to serve a mission. 

Then it was my turn... I don't share this lightly or to brag about what happened but what happened next was an INCREDIBLE Spiritual outpouring. Right before I stood up I prayed that the Lord would use me as an instrument. I got up and Lowilky had previously asked that I share his experience of everything that lead to his baptism. Once I did I shared the Missionary side of it all including our fast for him and how we had to change it. At that point I shared my testimony. I remember looking through Very watery eyes and AT several watery eyes (Including Elder Dominguez) as I testified with probably the greatest Spiritual power I have ever felt that Heavenly Father and our Savior Loved us. I explained that I didn't know why the Lord called youth just out of high school with limited education to be his representatives. I testified of the Book of Mormon and the boy Joseph and what he saw in a grove of trees almost 200 years ago. I testified of this true church and I sat down. The Spirit was INCREDIBLE. Then Elder Dominguez got up and testified of several truths and said " I testify of these four youth sitting in this room with name tags on, They hold the TRUE POWER of the Lord as we have just seen manifest when this young Elder had just testified of the Divinity of the Father and the Son.  YOU ALL FELT IT. That is the power that comes with their calling"  He then went on to share an incredible story. I am being restrained from sharing this story but when I return from my Mission I will share it in a more sacred manner with you all if it is the Will of the Lord. After that we all stood up and sang Joseph Smith's first Prayer. After we concluded singing Praise to the Man. The Baptism then concluded and my companion asked Elder Dominguez for a blessing and I participated con Hermano Thevenin y Penalo. After that Elder Dominguez took me aside and put both hands on my shoulders, looked me square in the Eye and said "Elder Hefner Don't EVER come down from on top of the mountain. Do you understand what I am saying?" At that moment the story of Lionti came into my mind and after the Class President Pratt gave us one day in Sunday School about climbing mountains. I replied that I understood perfectly and then he had a big smile and gave me a huge hug. 

LOOK WHO CAME TO VISIT MY WARD!!!!!!!! President Douglas and Sister Douglas! Talk about a happy reunion!!

The next Sunday was when Brother and Sister Douglas came to church and Lowilky asked me to do my FIRST CONFIRMATION. It was a great day to FORGET my white handbook! haha I messed up the first time but the second time I got it down even though I was shaking like a leaf! hahaha Over all it was an Incredible Experience. 

The La Vega ZONE!
Ok Hey I have to go! I love you guys! MAKE IT A GREAT WEEK! HELP EGGY A LOT!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Hefner


ANOTHER DOMINICAN HAIRCUT... I asked for a 3 on the sides and to trim a little off the top... It ended up a 1 on the sides and a 3 on top... OH WELL lol

So this week was a week of PURE TRIAL BY FIRE. Sicknesses, upset investigators, HEAT, and very sore legs and feet. Fast Sunday came around and we thought of fasting for Saul and his family. We started our fast and set out for the street. As we were walking a strong spiritual impression came into my mind and heart that we were fasting for the wrong people! We went into a nearby members house and asked to use their floor... I offered a prayer and changed the fast for Lowilky, the youth that we are teaching. He had a date for this Saturday but we thought of changing it for all the Persecution he has faced and lack of church attendance. After that the day was pretty dull...Once again more trials. 

The next day in the morning Lowilky showed up to church at 8am in dress pants and a wife beater. He said his shoulder was exploding in pain and had to go to the hospital.. We understood but felt just defeated... then we had investigators call after sacrament meeting saying that the members that were going to pass by to pick them up never showed up and left her and the SEVERAL little kids waiting, needless to say she was pretty upset. At this point I thought that literally NOTHING ELSE could go wrong. We walked into Gospel Principal class were the theme was sacrifice. How Appropriate. lol We then went to eat, the members gave a lot of food and after being grateful and stuffed I followed the impression to go with my Elders to their house. We got in and I read once again the talk by David A. Bednar about not shrinking. I then offered a prayer of repentance and set out to work. That night we had a cita (appointment) with Lowilky. We got a call 30 mins after the original cita time... him telling us that his Motorcycle broke. I literally couldn't believe the trials for this poor guy! At that point I had a strong Impression that I should clean the church and the room where we would be teaching.. I swept and mopped and left everything clean so that the Spirit could more fully be present... We would need ALL the help we could get. 

The Second councilor from the District Presidency was with us and he too was waiting. Lowilky finally showed up after about an hour and said that his cousin ( A mechanic) showed up right as his Pasola broke and fixed it for free. He raced over to the Church driving with only one hand. We started the meeting with a blessing of health that Lowilky asked for. After he shared several sensitive feelings. We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I felt Prompted to tell him that in 6 days time he would enter the waters of Baptism even though all Hell should come after him. After several testimonies from my companion and our member and his son... A member of the 70 walked in! Elder Dominguez was in charge of the EFY that Lowilky participated in and had a sita at the house of the member who was with us (because he was in charge of the event.) He had the son of our brother go and get him from the house of the member that he had arrived at and asked to go to the church and accompany us in our lesson. Before he walked in the Spirit was  STRONG but after he came in it was as if he was literally in the room. 

At that point Hermano Thevenin shared a story of another youth that was at the EFY who was determined to get baptized but the same day of his Baptism tore a huge  muscle in his foot. The doctor told him that they had to put a metal brace and that he couldn't be baptized. The youth then replied. "Doctor you may as well just cut the foot off because tonight I WILL BE BAPTIZED" He left the doctor at that instant and went to his baptism. As he left the waters of baptism he looked at Hermano Thevinin and Hermano Thevenin who's a doctor asked about his foot. He simply looked at Hermano Thevenin and simply said, It's healed. Lowilky then said " Look I know the missionaries aren't prophets but everything they said would happen has happened. But I remember the Testimony of Elder Hefner that he shared about the trials he had passed through since the day he got his mission call ( Lowiliky had asked us if we had had trials before something great happened). It was the only thing on my mind all morning. It's what got me to this meeting tonight. " So this Saturday we have a Baptism. Lowilky has to take the lessons every night but he will be getting Baptized on Saturday. The Lord truly answers our Fasts and our Prayers.

Well I have to go... Talk to you next Monday!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Elder Hefner

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Had this VERY strong impression...


We have a lot to do right now and very little time!!!
Also where is Shelly Rowland going on her mission?! I couldn't hear the video! (I told him Sao Paulo Brazil)
HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When does she report?!!
WOOOOOO I will be home to say bye then!!!

Miracle for the week!!
ok so i was walking down the street and saw a young lady about 24 years old and had this VERY strong impression to talk to her. I literally stopped her in her tracks and said that we were missionaries and had a very important message for her. She replied telling me " My mom went to your church for about a year.." I immediately said " will you bring us to her house?" she agreed. We arrived at the house and she greeted us with a warm smile. She said her name was Nana. She is a single mother of about 5 children. We couldn't share because the man who was there left.. But before he did she told us that that day she had seen a member of the church and wanted to stop her and tell her she wanted to come back to church. She had stopped going because the only job she could find made her work on Sundays... She said that she was afraid to open her mouth but just a few hours later God had sent us to help her return again... We will be stopping by soon to put a Baptismal date... The Spirit is SO INCREDIBLE
This is the unofficial dog of Framboyanes Area. We can't have pets in the mission but she lives on the street and follows us to church!!! We found a home for her with the members... Her name is faith because she's super faithful and happy. 

My health is the same but honestly you guys need to read a talk by David A Bednar in the August 2016 Liahona... It TRULY   defines how my mission experience has been... My goal now is to keep going until the very end.
Elder Hefner
Also the Zone asked me to barbecue for them... We had a feast but I have never cooked that much food that fast in my life!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Miracles still happen people!!!!


Algunos fotos de este semana!!! La Familia Thevenin nos hiciceron SANCOCHO!!!! Habia como 10 libras de arroz con el Sancocho tambien.... No podiamos caminar despues!!!! (Some pictures from this week!!! The Thevenin family made us SANCOCHO!!! There was about 10 lbs of rice in the Sancocho...we could not walk afterwards!!!)

It was great to  see Eggy in the photos!!! He looks great! It was also really nice to see my other family all together! WE HAVE A BAPTISM THIS WEEK!!! WOW WHAT A MIRACLE!! We have a young woman named LUZ we are teaching. She went to EFY and has come to church like 12 times but her parents wouldn't let her get baptized... Me and Elder Gomez did a fast almost 2 months ago for her. As we left the Internet center last Monday I got a call saying that her parents had said YES! She had asked so many  times but one day as she was reading the Book of Mormon she heard the Spirit say to ask her parents NOW. She did as she felt and her faith worked a miracle. This young lady walks 15 minutes to a  main road in the country where she lives and then hops a "Pick up truck taxi" for 30 minutes just to come to church... She is already in the book of Alma chapter 17! I was studying the scriptures this morning and came across one I love in the book of  Joshua... It says:

 9 Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

Miracles still happen people!!!! If they don't it's just because our faith isn't strong enough and we have to do more to strengthen it. Love you all!!

Tambien los cuatro elderes de mi distrito (The four elders in my District)

Hey pops... Well it has been an emotional roller coaster of a week... Lots of little problems here and there but all is well. WE WALKED SO FAR the other day... We literally went over and hour Power walking to an investigators house IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. We even had to cross a MAJOR HIGHWAY to get there! LOL BUT the lesson was incredible. It is a family of 8... We sat all the kids down and talked about Prophets. The Spirit was INCREDIBLE. The kids were so smart!!! They knew all the answers BEFORE their parents. Saul who is the dad LEFT his work he was doing at the moment and told the guy he wasn't going to do the job because he had to be somewhere more important... He then told us he is saving up for a car so that he can bring his entire family to church so that they can all be baptized... Then this humble family who lives in a wood house even FED US. They will be amazing members one day. Saul says the gospel has given him hope to have his family again. He and his wife divorced but they are now speaking of marriage BY LAW (that never happens here)... I have been praying for Eggy. I know the Spirit will guide you on your decisions for Sunday School, You're my dad you've always put a great example of choosing the Right. In Priesthood we had a strong lesson on families and the role of Fathers and once again I found my self full of gratitude for you and for mom. I love you  pops. I hope your week is filled with Missionary opportunities. 

Tuvimos  que poner la cancha de Volibol de la manera Antigua! jajaja (We had to setup a volleyball net old style) 

My companion is helping me learn a lot about PURE CHRISTLIKE LOVE. My comp has Zika or a really bad heat rash... Lol THAT'S THE MISSION LIFE hahaha I am getting incredibly dark but life is great..and getting a new comp every transfer is not easy... Imagine changing kids every 6 weeks... And you have to live with them for 24 hours of the day 7 days a week without being out of  eyesight or sound... lol 

Hey we have to go... I need to go buy a thermometer for my companion... lol Talk to you  later!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!! I love you a ton mom! Little less than 4 months and we'll be hugging our eyes out in the airport! Ya'll are the best!!

Elder Hefner