Thursday, November 26, 2015

So we have a problem... I come home in less than a year...

Surprise lunch at Hermana Charo´s house! The ¨Dying¨ missionaries who served in Esperanza Were there too!...

The reality of time left and Visa

So we have a problem... I come home in less than a year...Actually as of tomorrow I will officially be illegal in the country... my Visa Expires tomorrow...AWKWARD!!! I AM PULLING A DAD! I have like a 3 month period to extend it so the office is taking care of it... And no I come home around November 17th.......My week was awesome. We had several Spiritual experiences and have so much work we can´t stop to study in the Afternoon. The time is going by too fast. I don´t want to come home. I am praying it will slow down...

P-Day at Kelvis house! They invited us over to eat!!!!!!! I was so stoked! We had breakfast with them! (To be honest it was our first member meal in about a week and a half) They are by far our favorite ward family. They keep us fed even though they don´t have much. Charo his wife is the seminary teacher and Kelvin is now the Young Men´s President!! It was a good P-Day today!

¨Ask and ye shall receive, Knock and it shall be opened unto you¨

So I had several experiences this week but the one that I can share that isn't too sacred is what happened in Mariany´s house. We were invited over for a Family Home Evening and at first Mariany told me the Elders couldn't have the message because they talk WAY to much and so I said OK... But the sisters told us we HAD to take the message. I bowed my head in prayer and received the revelation as to what I was to talk about. We sat down with 3 future missionaries and I taught them the Two things every missionary needs in order to be a truly successful Missionary. We sat and talked with them as if they were entering the mission the next day. Tears filled everyone´s eyes and the minute I began speaking Jose Miguel said ¨ I KNEW we were going to talk on this I JUST FELT IT!¨ I smiled and continued speaking. All the Missionaries testified and we all felt so strongly that we helped change the lives of these three youth..: Afterwards the mom of Mariany who is inactive told me and a quote¨Elder Hefner I never knew you could speak like that... Normally you are always joking around but seriously now I know why you were called to be the Leader over these missionaries... Thank you I haven´t felt this way in awhile.¨ I honestly give thanks to my father in heaven because he answers every prayer. ¨Ask and ye shall receive, Knock and it shall be opened unto you¨

Words of encouragement

While I was in our Zone Council I conveyed my distress about a few things that were passing in my area and The Hermana Leader, who happens to be a great friend of mine(We are from the same group in the CCM) Wrote me a note of Encouragement with some scriptures attached and this is what they say... Isaias 41:9-10;13 
 9 Porque te tomé de los confines de la tierra, y de tierras lejanas te llamé y te dije: Mi siervo eres tú; te escogí y no te deseché.
 10 No temas, porque yo estoy contigo; no desmayes, porque yo soy tu Dios que te fortalezco; siempre te ayudaré; siempre te sustentaré con la diestra de mi justicia.

 13 Porque yo, Jehová, soy tu Dios, quien te sostiene de la mano derecha y te dice: No temas, yo te ayudaré.

Isaiah 41: 9-10, 13
 Thou whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, and called thee from the chief men thereof, and said unto thee, Thou art my servant; I have chosen thee, and not cast thee away.
 10 ¶Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.
13 For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.
 IT´S A KOLA REAL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
(Kola Real is the poor more sugary version of Coca Cola products that is drunk here... I LOVE IT)

I DON´T WANT TO COME HOME. Honestly I don´t even want to call either... I just want to focus on the Work. We have SO MUCH. The area is exploding and I want several people with a Baptismal date before I leave In December...
I am still going to call obviously! BUT HEY! I have to go soon! I told dad to send me something in December!! REMIND HIM TO SEND IT lol I have to go and work now! But I love you both a ton! Tell Glorianne AND Mary to check their emails! Love you guys... Hope Kenai and Sytka are doing ok...

Elder Hefner

Our district taking selfies! WE ARE TINY BUT MIGHTY! There are only 4 of us...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Blaring music and a place to reside

Me and my comp had to eat ALL this Spaghetti by ourselves.... FOUR PLATES EACH PILED HIGH... I can´t tell you how hard I was praying by plate number three...So grateful for the food...

A message to his future niece

So Elder Hefner send a message for me to read as a surprise to his sister during her baby shower. I created a PowerPoint with it. This is the message and Elder Hefner's response to the PowerPoint.

MOM!!!!!!! WOW THAT SLIDE SHOW MADE ME BAWL LIKE AN IDIOT!!! lol That is awesome... who all was there?? and did she know it was from me initially?? 

The church day of service cleaning up a school! No such things as lawn mowers here so we just all used machetes... I will never complain about mowing the lawn again lol

A place where he can reside

I got the Halloween box.Thank you so much! The CHRIST WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! My companion tried convincing me to give it to him HAHAHAHA. Thank you for the shirt too! I just got it a few days ago... BUT GUESS WHAT! We have 3 people with a date and they are progressing AMAZINGLY!!!!! :D 12 of December and the 19th!
My best friend in Barrio D´ Clase. Her name is Lucy and she follows us and preachs in all the lessons too hahaha

Gave this Future Missionary one of my favorite blue ties... He´s a Recent convert who is starting his papers!

OH!!! Let me tell you about a very special lesson I had..: Truly a first of a kind.. 
Ok so i walked into a less actives house. I have been working with her SINCE JULY... But as I walked up with Gregorio (Member, we were on splits because we don´t have enough time to teach everyone....) SO we walked into her house and the Colmado behind her house was blaring music... her dad was blaring music with a huge speaker and everyone was yelling... It was my first time visiting her in almost a month and a half... I remember thinking it is going to be IMPOSSIBLE to teach... When We sat down I had a feeling we HAD to share and honestly I just trusted the Spirit and went for it. The Spirit filled my heart and I remember that I completely drowned out the music and EVERYTHING and so did my Less active. She began to tear up as I opened my scriptures directly to a scripture in 3 Nefi 27. She read and her eyes got wide and she said ¨Wow... So that´s what I have to do¨ I told her as a representative of Jesus Christ I KNEW that Satan was attacking from every side but that SHE had to stand in holy places and be not moved, She had to be the reason the Spirit could be in the house. I testified of her divine worth as a daughter of God and that she had so much potential she could hardly even imagine it. I can´t describe to you how strongly the Spirit came just for those few moments. After the closing prayer as soon as she said amen the music came flooding back into the house and she sighed... But she knew it was the truth. Sometimes in order to have the Spirit we feel we need to go to the Temple and do several other things... but for the People who literally can´t (Like the Missionaries) We are called to be Temples of the Holy Ghost, A place where he can reside ALWAYS no matter where we are called to go or do.

The new Gringa in our District!! Hermana Seamons from Preston, Idaho ¨La Tierra de la papa¨ The land of potatoes.

HEY I G2G!!!  I AM LATE!!! BUT I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys so much!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!! Talk to you next week!!!!

Elder Hefner
The Gorgeous sunset in this paradise I call home :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


We got lost in the mountains trying to find an investigators house BUT we found this amazing plateau with lots of room to take pictures! WOW you can see EVERYTHING from here!


We had a late ward activity and felt we had to stay it out even though the walk home was about 4 Kilometers and it was 9:20 when we left... THE LORD PROVIDED. As we walked, I stuck my thumb out asking for a ride and this MASSIVE Semi Truck passed and honked... Then he stops ahead of us to buy some lunch before his 4 hour drive to Santo Domingo. He then yells out ¨HEY WHERE YA HEADED?!¨ We told him home and he stopped the semi (And ALL of Traffic) and let the Mormons mount up. We got home on time and that man I am sure will receive many blessings...Lol he passed us twice and on the third time he stopped... We didn't have time to preach much but we left him a card and a photo of Christ for his Semi! lol

After many trials comes the blessings

I am doing Fantastic!!! We have a baptismal date for Alex and Jenny! We taught them with a member from the Stake Presidency and they accepted a date to be baptized! We talked about the Atonement... Alex cried during the lesson as we told him he could be forgiven of his sins through Baptism.. I then shared my testimony and in reality the Spirit filled that little space.Their date is the 19th of December just because they have to get married first Angelica accepted as well and has a date for the 5th of December and now her younger brother is actively taking the lessons and has invited his friend to listen as well. Our other investigators Mosies y Ibelisis han dicho algo INCREIBLE. Fueron antiguo investigadors pero yo sentia que tenemos que regresar y enseñar a ellos. Fueron a la Capilla domingo y en el sigiuente leccion mosies nos dijo ¨Elderes de verdad yo sentia TAN BUENO en la Iglesia y yo estaba leyendo El libro de Mormon y con todo yo siento que ese es La Iglesia Verdadera de Dios en el Mundo¨ Estamos regresando para poner La Fecha Bautismal Viernes... QUE MILAGROS HEMOS VISTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
(They have said something incredible . They were old investigators but I felt that we have to go back and teach to them. They went to the chapel on Sunday and Moises said "really elders, I felt so good in the Church and I was reading the Book of Mormon and all- I believe that this is the true Church of God in the world. We are going back to set the baptismal date Friday ...  WHAT MIRACLES WE HAVE SEEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I love you guys... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK WITH THE GENEALOGY!!! :) Ok I have to go... YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!! Love you both send dad my love please! Talk to you next week!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Elder Hefner 

Our last District photo...
OH AND WE HAVE MOSQUITO NETS FINALLY!!!! That means we are sleeping in peace and ¨Feliz¨ Happy:)

The one sleeping is because we had walked about 14 Kilometers that day and were pretty beat in our last lesson of the night lol

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Key to Leadership is Charity

A lesson we all should do

Hey Dad.... So our area is alive again and we have some great investigators... I held a District meeting yesterday where I knew I had to speak on love.  So I got up and Spoke on Chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel. I wrote all the Attributes of Christ on the Board and then gave paper to all the Elders and Sisters and had them write 2 or 3 Christ like Attributes on each card for each missionary present saying which were the 2 or 3 that we could see the most in that missionary. I then had each one get up and explain what they put and why specifically for each missionary. The Spirit FILLED THE ROOM so intensely that after we finished all was silent. I then got up and talked about the changes in the mission that we were seeing about obedience and that we were forgetting on changing ourselves first. Everyone realized it as the truth. We all are now studying Preach my Gospel Chapter 6 now more... The key to baptizing is Christlike Missionaries who are worthy and able to more easily listen and testify with the Holy Ghost. I felt the Authority of my calling as I spoke as well. But it is funny that that authority didn't manifest itself with a feeling of power but an OVERWHELMING feeling of love for the Elders and Sisters of whom I have care over... I am gaining such a strong testimony that the Key to Leadership is Charity... D&C 121 Love you dad.. I used you as an example during my capacitation. Talk to you next week!
Elder Hefner

My companion is Elder Torres from the Capital... He´s a good guy who loves to work..

And it came to pass...

So this week we sat in a lesson with one of our great potential investigators... As we sat down I strongly felt we had to start all over again with the lessons ( I had been gone for about a month) So we started from Lesson 1 The Restoration. As we sat there me and my companion were so in sync that we taught with such clarity and the Spirit. When we finished we invited her to read the Book of Mormon again and pray to see if it is the truth. She then told us their was a chapter she just loved but couldn't find it in the Book of Mormon and it started with ¨ And it came to pass¨... Me and my companion looked at each other and I started to pray so hard that we could find this scripture. WE KNEW it was the key. As I prayed silently he asked her to close her eyes and imagine the page so she could give us more detail..: She said she thought it was in Moroni... IT WASN'T... Then she said it had to do with a group of people. Me and my companion furiously searched every scripture we knew of. Finally my companion looks up and with a grin says 3 Nefi 11. I read the first verse to her and she lit up! She said YES!! THAT´S IT!! We invited her to read it and will be returning Friday to put a Baptismal Date. Talk about being grateful for the Holy Ghost! :)

Helping blow up about 150 balloons for the birthday of one of our investigators.

I made my famous ¨Rice Pot Cake¨... We bake cakes in the pots that we cook rice because we don´t have anything related to a baking pan in the house lol


 And us ¨Jicome¨ and me from the back of a motorcycle.. lol

He was really excited to take a Motoconcho lol
Working with Elder Grange in one of the ONLY mission vehicles 

I am doing much better though... I missed my bucket showers and No A/C honestly... I feel more at home here in the field than in the luxury of The 1st World... I don´t know what´s happening to me but honestly I feel like I am finally loosing myself to the Work. Nothing else matters to me right now... I love you guys a ton. The words of one of my favorite hymns in Spanish basically sums up how I am feeling right now... 
  1. Oíd, naciones; regocijad.
    La voz del cielo ya escuchad.
    En esta tierra se restauró
    la luz de la verdad.
  2. La gloriosa luz de la verdad
    brillará por la eternidad.
    Alumbra, cual los rayos del sol,
    todo el mundo hoy.
  3. Vivíamos en oscuridad,
    antes de ver el amanecer.
    El alba vino; regocijad.
    La luz se deja ver.
  4. La gloriosa luz de la verdad
    brillará por la eternidad.
    Alumbra, cual los rayos del sol,
    todo el mundo hoy.
  5. Nos ha llamado Dios a servir;
    a todo pueblo hemos de ir.
    Vamos a enseñar con fervor
    en nombre del Señor.
  6. La gloriosa luz de la verdad
    brillará por la eternidad.
    Alumbra, cual los rayos del sol,
    todo el mundo hoy.

Per Google Translate:
Hear nations ; Rejoice .
The voice of the sky and listen.
In this land it was restored
the light of truth .
The glorious light of truth
will shine for eternity.
Shines , where the sun's rays ,
worldwide today.
We were living in darkness ,
before seeing the sunrise.
The dawn came ; Rejoice .
The light can be seen .
The glorious light of truth
will shine for eternity.
Shines , where the sun's rays ,
worldwide today.
He has called us to serve God ;
all the people we have to go.
Let's teach with fervor
on behalf of the Lord.
The glorious light of truth
will shine for eternity.
Shines , where the sun's rays ,
worldwide today.

  1. Mom keep the Missionaries fed please... Dad keep the Dogs fed... hahaha I love you guys more than words can explain. GO PREACH THE GOSPEL !!! :) TALK TO YOU GUYS NEXT WEEK!!!

Elder Hefner
Cooking with my new comp. The only thing going through my head was ¨It´s all about precision¨. 


Figured mary would like this... We were walking out the street and these horses appeared out of nowhere lol

My District pausing for some ice cream on P-day! My new companion from The Capital. Remember Y´all are awesome!!!