Friday, December 26, 2014

Spending Christmas Away From My Family

Study time with Elder Smith
Selfie with the MTC (CCM) President

On Christmas and Mother's Day, Missionaries of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints get to call home. We spoke to Elder Hefner for 20 minutes yesterday. Because he is currently in the MTC, the call was short so all missionaries were able to have a turn calling home. Our hearts are full of joy! His Spanish is so good! This coming from his Puerto Rican mother. He speaks with a beautiful Spanish accent! I cannot express how much peace, happiness and love we felt when hearing his voice.The Spirit witness one more time that Elder Hefner is at the right place and the right time. I will confess that Christmas was not the same without him. We missed his very early wake up call Christmas morning (he was always the first one up) and his handing out of the presents. Tim Sr. did the honors for I could not bear having anyone else do it. We ended the call with a beautiful family prayer. It was given by Elder Hefner in Spanish.

CCM Lunch Room
CCM Christmas Lunch
Elder Hefner Christmas Tree

We received an e-mail today and will like to share some of it with you:

Hey mom and dad... Soooo week three is almost over and it has been the toughest/most spiritual weeks. I have received such personal revelation that is mind blowing... First and foremost I was very very ill for the beginning of the week. I am fine now but because of it I had to miss going to the Temple. It was horrible because I really wanted to go but I learned so many things because I didn't... I was the first to get sick and because of it, I was able to help everyone else who was sick. I felt more like the Savior because I was able to succor those who stood in need of comfort because I already knew what they had gone through.

On Christmas Day there were no employees that would cook so I went to the kitchen and made rice for about 40 people.We also ate your cookies. Don't worry, I have lost 6 more pounds. I am at 229. Btw all the Elders are telling me you are friends with all of their moms... We all laugh about it A LOT XD...

Spending Christmas away from my family was completely worth it because even as Christ was born to save us all it is now my time to go help others be born of Christ... That's the quote I told a member of the Seventy when he was talking to us about 10 ft away...

I walked with my Savior before this world was. I KNEW HIM. He was my best friend. I have been saved for these days because the Lord was teaching me my first lessons and preparing me to come down to this earth to usher in the coming of the Savior. I will forever be his instrument, to bring to pass His will and His Glory. Mom and Dad, invite the missionaries over as often as possible.  I love you all so much!!! Everyday I remember the Three names I bear on my name tag: My Family, The Church's and The Lord's. I will serve with complete honor and obedience. 
- Elder T. Hefner

Friday, December 19, 2014

We stand tallest when we are on our knees...

Missionaries at the CCM (MTC) are broken down into Districts. Here is a picture of the Benjamin and Alma Districts.

Glory did you know

As I was driving towards work this week, the Christmas song Mary Did You Know came on the radio. As I listened to the lyrics, I could feel the love of Mary towards her son Jesus Christ, the same love that I have for mine. I then switched the name Mary to Glory. 
Glory did you know that your baby boy will save our sons and daughters? 
Did you know that your baby boy has come to make you new?
This child that you've delivered, will soon deliver you. 
As we read Elder Hefner's message, we are reminded that God's mercy and blessings are available to those that we serve and help come unto Christ. Our son has come to teach  and remind each of us the importance of Trials,Prayer, Faith and Trust.

A message to you

Timothy Hefner

Dec 18 (1 day ago)
to meTimothy
Hey everybody! Just so you know I love you all. Your support in my calling as a missionary has been tremendous and VERY NEEDED. Some people think that when you are called to serve a mission every trial and hard time just stops because you are on the Lord's time. I'm here to tell you that this is FALSE. These past couple of weeks have been nothing but trial after trial for the Missionaries in the CCM (MTC).  We are all very tired and I personally went 2 weeks running on less than 4 hours of sleep because my concern for these Elders and Sisters is very very high. Through much fasting and prayer things have begun to return back to normal. The Spirit has returned to the CCM and for the moment we are able to stand tall. Although it's important and 100% vital to remember that we stand tallest when we are on our knees. I have witnessed Miracles unfold in my life and in the lives of others. I've finally been able to sleep for more than a few hours a night thanks to the help of my mission president.  It's funny though, no matter what Satan tries to throw at us HE CAN'T STOP US. No unhallowed hand will EVER stop the work from progressing. The Truthfulness of the Gospel will go forth boldly, nobly and independently until The Great Jehovah will say " The Work is Done!". The Authority to act completely in the Lords name is back on the Earth. My companion has shown me this to be the truth. The Lord has used us to bless the lives of others with such power that it has sanctified ourselves and brought us closer to the Lord and together. We have learned that the Spirit is so vital to EVERYTHING. It has blessed us as we have followed it's guidance and we have seen the consequences of not following it as well. I promise that as we strive to have the Spirit as a constant companion AND work equally hard to be worthy and ready for It's promptings that It will bless our lives dramatically. I need all of you to know that I am losing myself to this work. My problems are so tiny compared to the grand scheme of things. Elder Bednar promised us that the biggest difference between the Savior and us, besides the obvious, is that when he was tempted or had hard times he never turned in towards himself but ALWAYS turned out towards other. That is what I have taken to heart. This is what I have learned. I can say now with all honesty of heart that I can answer as the Savior did when he said "For the cause have I come into the World" Now I can say that I have come into this world not Called to Serve but Born to Serve. I am here to help others along there path back to our Father in Heaven and It will not stop after these two years. I love you all.

Elder Hefner
Elder Smith...Elder Hefner's Companion

A message to us

Hey I got all the packages !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! My District also loves you for all the Candy. I will be calling Christmas at 2:35 your guys time! It's a phone call and I'll just be calling mom's phone but please know it's only for 20 minutes MAX! The ward  and Kony Finance are so awesome and I really appreciate all the cards. I'm doing o.k. for the most part. The weight of leadership is a tough one to bear though. We are saving the cookies for Christmas and we did Temple work for 15 of the family files you sent me. My favorite thing at the CCM is my companion and THE FOOD hahaha. My least favorite thing is probably that we have 16 hour days and we can't take naps! I miss you guys but I am not letting it interfere with my work... PLUS I'm losing a bunch of weight as you can see from my red Picture. My companions in the District love to work out!
Some things never change...Elder Hefner flexing
Ok,hey I have to go soon but thank you for all the packages they have really helped me A LOT... I love you guys so much and your missionary efforts have blessed my life Tremendously! Hey, before i go can you send me the big family picture with us all and the dogs!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nothing will stop the Lords work from Progressing!


"So upon my second day here I was made District Leader haha. It's not a responsibility I wanted but the Lord apparently has plans for me that I don't know about... We've had a few amazing spiritual experiences for sure! I've been able to be an example. My companion is a farm boy from Idaho and his Spanish is awesome! He almost got to do the two week course but his past tense Spanish wasn't good enough. My Spanish is pretty good actually. The only reason I'm not writing in it is because it would take much too long haha. When I become more fluent most of my emails will be in Español! Elder Smith is a great companion and my district I am assigned to watch and preside over are awesome. I have two sisters. Both love to sing although one is VERY bossy hahaha. The other two elders are cool we room with them. One is Tongan and the other is as white as snow. The tongan Elder Alitini will be in Santiago with me and so will Hermana Fielding ( The non Bossy sister). Everyone else is actually going to Puerto Rico (Including my companion!!). I have given several blessings already and already feel the weight of responsibility I have been called to bear and hold! Nothing will stop the Lords work from Progressing !"
Lights outside the Dominican Republic Temple

Elder Smith and Elder Hefner

ABOUT THE MTC- Missionary Training Center or in Spanish CCM - Centro de Capacitacion Misional

"The MTC President is an AMAZING MAN. He's so spiritual!!! We got to hear from a Presidency of the Seventy a couple days ago. THERE ARE ONLY 45 MISSIONARIES HERE and in 5 days that will go down to about 12!!!! hahahahaha. The food is typical. Rice beans and meat. FOR EVERY MEAL except breakfast. LOL Typical day is wake up at 6 breakfast at 7 then personal study and companion study until 9 then classes start. we break for lunch at 12 then we go right back to class. We teach our investigator( Aka hermano Nuñez) every night and we do many things in between. We have to walk 4 flights of stairs about 6-7 times a day then we get an hour of physical activity on top of that! haha We have 16 hour days and it is tiring !!"
The Picture of Jesus Elder Hefner has had since he was 8 years old.
Grandma's Quilt and Grandpa's H in the suitcase.
"Tell them that I love them all and that they are frequently in my prayers. I am losing myself to the Lords work already. I have been born to serve others. I am realizing this more and more every single day. It's the only thing that brings me the purest joy everyday. The Lord has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat. His truth is marching on, and I will be one of the Missionaries carrying that banner tall"." 


"Tell dad I say happy birthday and that I love and miss him alot. His example as a righteous priesthood holder is inspiring me everyday to overcome every trial and live wanting to bear the Higher Priesthood with authority and Love. 

 I now know that the Lord has broken be down before I left for a reason. I am personally starting from scratch. I am learning who I am and I'm very glad. I have started from ground zero and I'm building up starting with my testimony. I am being refined into a man of God and I can't wait for you all to see who I am when I return :)

I love you Mom and I'll talk to you next week tell everyone That I love them and that I'll talk to them soon! Love you all. Tell dad I love him a ton and grandpa and grandma too!
Ok ttyl mom! love you! GO TO THE TEMPLE AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. I promise the Lord will give you the comfort you need to help you press forward with a steadfastness in Christ talk to you next Thursday
- Elder Hefner :)"

Friday, December 5, 2014

Reporting for Duty

On December 3, 2014 Elder Timothy Hefner reported to the Dominican Republic Missionary Training Center. He has been preparing for years to receive his call and to serve. Although for our family is a difficult transition, we know without a doubt this is what Elder Hefner is meant to do at this time. The tender mercies of the Lord are many. We are not going to lie, after dropping him off at the airport we were a mess. The tender mercy came via the following e-mail:

Timothy Hefner <>
Dec 3 (2 days ago)

Hola mi familia! I'm already here at the MTC! The trip was a little bumpy but fine. I already see how humble and amazing these people are. This is a huge wake up call... I love you guys and please know I'm safe. Everyone says i'm doing good on my Spanish even though I only understand about 1/4 of everything that's going on. I arrived at the Airport with a lot of confusion as to how I was getting here but we got it all sorted out. i can with an hermana from Honduras. MOM YOU'D LOVE IT HERE!!!! The MTC is literally right next to the temple and right outside they have these massive tree gardens that are COVERED HEAD TO TOE with Christmas lights. All of the trees FROM ROOT TO BRANCH ALL DIFFERENT COLORS. I love you guys talk to you later!

-Elder Hefner

The following day as Tim and I were texting and saying how much we missed Elder Hefner, we received an e-mail from the MTC President at the exact moment we were feeling sad. President Freestone included 3 pictures, the one above and the following two. We truly believe Heavenly Father wanted to reassure us that he was chosen for our brothers and sisters in the Dominican Republic. His smile and Spirit say it all.

The final tender mercy came yesterday afternoon. As I sat at our dinning table and looked at the empty chair next to me, I received a message from a Sister in DR saying that she took pictures of several missionaries as they came out of the Temple. One of them was our son Elder Hefner!