Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My First Baptism and a mighty a change of heart!

Baptism of Francarlos! What an amazing guy! He´s 21 and now wants to go serve a mission!

A mighty a change of heart 

Timothy Hefner

4:04 PM (5 hours ago)
to me
So this week was pretty awesome. I had my first baptism two weeks into my mission. Francarlos was so ready for baptism. After the SECOND lesson he began going and teaching with the missionaries. I know he wants to serve a mission. He is a modern day Alma the Younger. He and his friend Carlos ( who is a member) Were Tigres (Gangsters). They were as far away from our Savior as possible. Carlos is 23 and Francarlos is 21. Carlos is a single dad. It was amazing to see the transformation of the two as they entered the waters of baptism together. The spirit was beyond strong. He was so big he had to be baptized 5 TIMES lol. Then he was set apart immediately after and the blessing was almost a patriarchal blessing. He was blessed with a desire to serve a mission and marry in the temple! TALK ABOUT POWERFUL. Later on in the week we taught Tono and the Spirit that was present was beyond compare. It was as if his home became a Temple while we were teaching. We were teaching the restoration. Let me tell you a very simple truth. The words of Joseph Smith, when spoken by one who is worthy and has authority, are BEYOND powerful. The Spirit flooded the room with warmth. Tono said ¨ I know that this is true. I have no doubt¨ We invited him to pray still but after that there is no way that he can ever deny it. That is one of my MANY amazing experiences this week. I will be writing more in my letters ! I love you mom!

Elder Hefner
This is what Hermano Nunez from the CCM did for me in my scriptures

A willingness to serve

Hey pop...So this week was amazing..  I had my first baptism. We find so many people everyday and we are teaching nonstop. We are doing everything we can to be obedient and the Lord is rewarding us. I am not saying this is easy. I already have holes straight through the bottom of my shoes. There are days when I just want to roll over and give up. There are nights were My pillow is wet with tears just like Nephi. I just press on. Why? Because this is not my mission. It is the Lords. I have learned this very quickly. I love my Lord with all that I am. I knew him very well before this world was. I promised I would labor in the Lords vineyard all the days of my life. I have been promised to preach the Gospel to every Kindred, tongue and people and this is my training ground. I love you dad. I think about you and mom every day. It is the image of our family and this name on my plaque that gets me through everything. I know that through my service the blessings you will receive are monumental. I find it impossible to work for myself now. Stay strong and keep studying. Jacob 2 ...first do all you can to build up the Kingdom of God. If we do this, the Lord will pour out his blessings upon us.  Love you dad talk to you soon!

Elder Hefner

Us actually eating at McDonald's! I treated the District to McFlurry's for breakfast... hahaha... this isn´t in our area so It was a miracle.

Wearing one of the ties you sent me

Elder Flores my comp and I playing Risk

Playing Risk on PDAY! The one in the jersey is Elder Palez, he´s my zone leader lol

First time eating mangu!!!!

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