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This is my room and my DRYER hahahahahaha 

Clarification on the Story of the Coin

Elder Hefner was given his missionary coin when he was 15 by the Orlando Temple President. He said the Spirit told him to give his coin to the little boy... Later in the day Elder King, not knowing that Elder Hefner had given his coin away felt he had to give his coin to Elder Hefner. This is what Elder King's mom said:
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There is a reason Elder Hefner must carry a missionary coin in his pocket. I love that Heavenly Father knows what we need even if we do not know ourselves.

This week's e-mail and pictures

So this week was beyond amazing. I learned so many things and I am beyond grateful to my Father in Heaven for my Companion and my District. We have a Baptism on Saturday of the Dad of a part member family! His son is so intelligent ! The wife was a less active member but he is so prepared for Baptism! He gave up alcohol, smoking and coffee 18 years ago!! He is awesome and is a country famous salsa dancer who doubles as an AMAZING mechanic! 

We set a date with Tono for Baptism for March. That was a miracle. We went to his house and it was by the Spirit we were led there because we had 4 appointments fall through at the same time. We felt the need when we got there to offer a blessing and he readily accepted because he has cancer... I blessed him that through his faith in our Savior and through his works he would receive 100 percent health so he can actually travel to church. Then we invited him to be baptized and he accepted. 

We did service for a lady we had contacted. She just lost her mom to cancer. We helped her plant a garden in our white shirts and she was very grateful. She then invited us in to speak and we taught about eternal families and the plan of salvation and she took to it so fast and immediately invited us back. 

THEN COMES SOMETHING AMAZING. We have been teaching a inactive family for awhile and nothing was coming of it. Finally we taught them the restoration. We showed them the video but during the part of the First Vision the rain was so hard we couldn't even hear each other speak (Because the roofs are metal) I was praying for it to stop but then quickly realized I was praying for the wrong things. I then prayed to have the complete power of the Spirit while I spoke and testified and my Companion as well. When I bore my testimony of the Prophet Joseph I spoke his words and I felt the Power and pure Authority of my calling and began to cry. The spirit came to my heart and I was commanded to give the mother a Book of Mormon just for her. I did so and saw a miracle. We have taught them 8 or 9 times and this was the first time I have ever seen her give a genuine smile. She said thank you and They were at church on Sunday!! 

Sunday was the Ward conference and through the efforts of the ward, which we helped inspire in a meeting, we all went out and invited every less active we could find. That Sunday we maxed out the Chapel and had to go search for many more metal chairs. The ward has gone from being dead to a Ward of service. In the ward roster the ward has 800 people but only 80 normally show up. Sunday we had about 150. We WILL CHANGE THIS. 

I went on an intercambio (exchange) with Elder King and he helped me defeat my homesickness for Good with a scripture and we had an amazing time teaching. We forgot completely what we were going to teach this less active family. That´s when the Spirit entered in and commanded us to teach sobre familias eterna y obra del templo (about eternal families and Temple work). Turns out a lady there wasn't a member and she was very interested in our message. It was amazing. 

Yesterday we had an amazing opportunity. Elder Flores and I were invited to sing at a Funeral. So we did and other Missionaries showed up and sang with us. Elder King and Flores gave blessings to our investigator. Her husband died, she has also lost her son, nephew and cousin this year alone and her dad will probably soon pass away as well. We have gone everyday to sing to her. She always asks us too. Then Elder Flores was asked to preach the gospel at the Funeral and he did so with power. It was amazing. 

People love it when we sing. The Lord is opening doors. Even though we are dead exhausted we keep working. YOU DO NOT KNOW THE LIMITS OF YOUR OWN STRENGTH. The Lord uses us to preach the gospel. At the end of the night we collapse from exhaustion and don´t even dream. When we are tired we keep pushing and the Lord says ¨I am not done yet keep going and I will give you strength¨and he really does. Without his strength by mile 5 I would curl up and sleep. But with him I am able to reach mile 15 and say ¨ What next lord?¨ I am so grateful for this work.

I love you a ton!

Elder Hefner
Our dumbbells lol 

We work out with cement solidified to poles...
This is the pantry of a missionary...

I made Hefner Fried Burritos for a family and our Investigators!!!!  I made 27 !!!!!!

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