Monday, March 2, 2015

The Man at the Bar...

The man at the bar

So this week we were walking down the street in the farthest part of our area.. We passed this bar with SCREAMING loud music and the Spirit was able to touch me and told me to go talk to this man who was very very drunk. Because of the music, I could only say Hi and then leave. As I was walking away I felt a regret of not being able to talk to him because of the music. We continued for about 200 more feet and the Spirit overwhelmed me almost to the point of tears and told me to go back and invite him to leave the Bar and listen to our message. He needed to be rescued. We then did so, and Elder Flores felt the same after I told him. We went back and didn't even have to ask him to leave. He said he wanted our message and led us to his very humble home a little ways away. We sat in the front porch of his house on the Dirt and he apologized for his living situation. We told him it wasn't important. He then began to cry and asked us why we came back. I looked him straight in the eye and said ¨ Porque usted es un hijo de Dios¨ (Because you are a child of God) With that, he sobbed. He told us that a Minister has promised him that God was going to send men to rescue him and that we are now here. He said other missionaries and people always kept walking. He couldn't believe we came back. I was praying the whole time that he would be sober enough to understand our message. His eyes were bloodshot red from trying to find comfort at the bottom of a bottle. The love I felt for this man came Directly from the Savior. Then the Miracle happened. He looked up and his eyes began to clear. They went from Blood red to White in a span of 2 minutes. We then began to teach. We testified with the full power and authority of our calling. Elder Flores asked how many 1 liter beers he had had that day and he said between 15 and 20... it was only 4 PM... He then said that that was his last today. The man then said OK and chucked the bottle of beer out the window, or at least were a window should have been... it was just a concrete wall with a hole in it. He then began asking where he needed to start and was testified of the restored gospel. As we finished and were walking away he asked us ¨Why if there is one Savior there are so many churches¨... He was ready and he will change. I testify that the Field is White already to Harvest. 

Luis the Salsa Dancer got baptized

So we had our baptism this week...His name is Luis.. His wife WAS an inactive member and now his whole family is rock solid in the Gospel. His is a very famous salsa dancer on the island. He owns a gym and is an AWESOME mechanic! 
He was the first person I have ever invited to be baptized!...

2 of our baptisms last week received the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday! They both have dates to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood in May !!!!! Frankarlos wants to serve a mission and is ALREADY starting his paperwork!!!!!!!! He´s only been baptized for 3 weeks!! Also Andres got the priesthood of Aaron as well ( He is the baptism of Elder King and Elder Henze) and he has a date for the higher priesthood as well. These men are STRONG. They will be the next Bishops and Stake Presidents. They ask to come out with us to TEACH!!! It is amazing 

This is a picture of my first zone! Transfers were today so almost all of them are gone.
Elder Hefner, Elder King, Elder Henze and Elder Flores - Our last District Service Project together!!! The project was Just flooding a house and scraping down walls.. That's normal here... When they mop they flood the whole house.. LOL
Me with a GIANT the worlds biggest "Pilon" and this is what happens when elders party and forget to bring blankets... I AM A REAL DOMINICAN ! lol

This is not my Mission, it is the Lord´s. I am only a instrument. This happens everyday not just once a week. I know that the Lord wants his children back. This is the Eleventh hour and he is calling the labors in one last time. We MUST reap with all our might to harvest those who are ready for the message of the gospel. This is my testimony in the Sacred name of my Master and Savior Jesus the Christ. Amen. 

Love you talk to you next week!!!

Elder Hefner

The monument of Santiago... It´s a massive statue with Jesus at the top. We call it touchdown Jesus because he is literally making the symbol of a touchdown.... LOL


  1. Your son had so much courage to go there and talk to the man. How wonderful that they followed the Spirit and that the man was so touched.

  2. Wow thanks so much for shat this it touched me deeply.

  3. Wow thanks so much for shat this it touched me deeply.