Sunday, April 26, 2015


Spiritual message of broken hands

I have come to realize that there are times in this life when the Lord calls us to serve with broken hands. I mean this in the Physical and Spiritual sense. I took a good fall this week and road rashed my hands with rocks and all. I had to scrub and pick the rocks out with my shoe polish brush and leaves because I had nothing else available to me. My hands were completely bruised and bleeding and it was a very tough situation for me. I wasn´t able to hold anything or make anything without re-tearing open my hands. The same day it happened we got a call from our good friend Carlos that he was in the Hospital, he had Dengue. He requested that I give him the blessing. As I put my hands on his head the Spirit Whispered ¨I have called those with broken hands to serve.¨ The next day our investigator Miguel (who is huge and has a massive scar next to his eye from a broken beer bottle from a bar fight) had a lesson with us. I testified of the Power of the Melchizedek Priesthood that we hold. He has to wait 5 more weeks to be baptized but is a super strong member already. He teaches us out of the books of the teachings of the Prophets. He desires the Priesthood more than anything else. After the Spirit filled the meeting he looked at me and asked me ¨ Elder Hefner will you give me a blessing. You have the Priesthood keys the door that I am trying to walk through and I need help.¨ As I placed my broken hands on his head I pronounced a blessing that I could never forget. I forgot about my difficulties with the language and I received the gift of tongues. By the time the blessing was complete tears streamed down my face and the Face of Hermano Miguel and he said a soft Thank you and embraced me in a hug. I thought of this experience over and over and I have come to realize that the Lord needs those with broken hands to serve. He asks for a broken heart and a contrite spirit. After all we are Born To Serve after the example of our Great Exemplar even Jesus the Christ. Was not the Greatest act of service and love ever performed done with Broken Hands? With the concluding words being ¨Father Forgive them for they know not what they do?¨ He is The Way, The Truth, and The Light. All who seek to serve him first must ask ¨How too can I have Broken Hands?¨ I ask all to ask this question. Please search for the truth. He is there. He is waiting. With hands out strecthed asking us to Leave our Nets and follow him. His foot prints are there in the sand. Will We leave the Boat? Will we walk or run? Will we one day stand before him and weep and behold his hands and feet on bended knee with exclamations of Hosana knowing we have given him all that we are? I ask you to search these things and if any find fault He will be there to help you back into the path. In the Sacred name of our Lord and Master Jesus the Christ.
Elder Hefner
My first agua de Coco (coconut water)straight from the Coconut 

Thanks to what I learned at OCSA (Osceola County School for the Arts)

Also I was asked to judge a singing competition of a school of 600 kids!!! President referred me by name specifically to his first counciler and it was beyond amazing!! I felt like I was back home. I was to judge intonation, pronunciation because it was in ENGLISH! And stage performance and conection with the Audience. After they had me give an improv speach to the kids about my music backround and were I have performed. I then talked to all the kids after.. it was so amazing I felt so loved. I also now teach classes of music to the members and non members on how to read music, direct it, sing it and soon how to play piano! it´s so amazing!! And I got invited back next year to judge by the Principal and Head authorities!! and I am learning how to now since I AM THE WARD PIANIST.... lol Only because I read music!! lol
Helping move a house!! The Elders of our District! Elder Olalere is doing all the Heavy lifting.. AND of coarse the Apartment was on the Third floor with stairwells that were so small my shoulders rubbed the walls lol We then road in the back of the ¨Truck holding eveything up and on Dominican streets it was.... SCARY lol
Also how we move furniture in the DR... Try walking like this for a kilometer... Talk about shoulder muscle workout!! lol 
How we defrost our meat... With a hose and in the Washer... 
And The most healthy dinner ever!!! Bacon and French Fries at 10 at night lol
We splurged and went into the city to eat a mexican pizza and Burrito supreme!!!
Ok love you mama!!! I will talk to you next week!! STAY STRONG!!!
Elder Hefner

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