Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What does it mean to be an instrument in the Hands of the Lord?

To be an instrument

So this week President Douglas asked us to think about what is means to have ¨An eye single to the Glory of God¨ I pondered these things for quite awhile and the other night I received my answer. As I sat in a Stake Missionary devotional I felt the Spirit Enter and remind me of a very important lesson I learned before my mission. I listened to what was said to my heart and what was brought to my remembrance. What does it mean to be an instrument in the Hands of the Lord? As a performer this lessons means something a little different to me. I thought about the Hundreds of times I have played and something interesting happened every time. People would walk up to my friends like Pedro or Jon and compliment them on there music and how well they played. When a musician is really listening and has a top of the line instrument the sounds he or she can produce really (what I believe to be called) a song of the heart. He or she pours out their soul and heart through this instrument and in turn all others around a blessed to be in their presence. So my question is..: Are we a top of the line instrument? Do we let Heavenly Father pull our slides adjust our settings and fine tune us? Is he able to use us to proclaim the most beautiful melody ever created, The Gospel of Jesus Christ... Are we able to say that Our Lord and Master, The Perfect Musician, Can use us to share the song of his love with all who have the eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to feel it? Are we the best we can be for him. After all all things are for his Glory. The Lord was an example of this in The Garden of Gethsemane when He said ¨not My will but Thine be done.¨ He must receive the credit for ever good work. We must not keep anything for ourselves. When we let pride or vain ambition enter into our hearts the The Musician finds himself with an unplayable instrument. After all an instrument in it´s case is nothing until the Musician picks it up, assembles it to his desire and starts playing as he knows how. Let us all be instruments of the Lord in doing His work and following His will is my prayer in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. Amen.
Elder Hefner

My week was amazing but I am super sore... we did 11 hours of service yesterday... Five of which were in the sun using nothing but tiny shovels to clear out a half acre of land... ALL THE GRASS y TODO. MIRA QUE DIFICIL!!! (and everything...look how dificult)lol

A Miracle

 OMGOSH WE HAD A MIRACLE THIS WEEK!!!! The Miracle was TONO!!! HE CAME TO CHURCH. I believe he has cancer and by the way his body is degrading I believe he will die soon.... I can´t begin to describe how much i feel abuelo´s love when I am with him mom.. HE WALKED 2 miles in the hills to get to church this Sunday and was the first one there at 8:30!!!! We have about 10 investigators and 7 with a date right now!

Dominican Air Conditioning... We normally just lay down on the Tile and sleep just because it is WAY cooler lol 
me eating Morcilla... It is Fired Pig´s blood.... ¨Kid´s do not try this at home¨ should have been the warning label... 

A Dominican Kitchen... This is where we prepared the food at the Service project

Elder Henze ( My brother from another Mother) and Hermanas Reyes and Gonzalez. They are AWESOME!!! Some of my greatest friends here!
Also...I am known here among the Members, missionaries and investigators for my love for dogs... 

Helping her move a second time...Her house caught fire due to electrical failure.

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