Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Alive and kicking

Saying goodbye to Hermana Reyes was hard... We have been in the same zone for most of my mission... She followed me everywhere I went LOL She has ended with honor being one of the most faithful sister missionaries I have ever known!... Btw mom I am winning our challenge lol (Who can lose the most weight)

I am great!!! Thank you for the package... IT´s here in the office... I should get it on Saturday!! :) Did you see I am loosing A LOT of inches!! HOPE YOU'RE WORKING HARD!!!
I AM SUPER HAPPY TOO!!! I was just made district leader again of 3 new missionaries... PRAY FOR ME lol
 WHAT A WEEK!!!! Talk about trial by fire... Or in this case rain... It POURED DOWN lol 

Email for the week was that I met someone from ORLANDO!!! She speaks fluent English and is SUPER interested in our message!!!  We had a pretty rough week of all lessons falling through but that moment made up for all of it... Also we have several families interested in our message now... But other than that it was a week of fighting against the waves lol

Zone Bella Vista for the last time before transfers.. SEVERAL People left..

Make sure you are studying and pondering the scriptures as well !! lol Fun fact... The Savior visited other countries when he was here not just America and Jerusalem... lol 3 nephi 16 I believe!
I love you... I will talk to you next week... I am super happy you found a new job!!! That is the blessing of paying a full tithe... TTYL MOM!!! I HAVE TO GO... LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Hefner
Family home evening cake... Everyone here thinks I am a chef... I laugh because I tell them that a great chef named Betty Crocker showed me how to make cake lol

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