Sunday, April 10, 2016

Finding out about missionaries in Belgium

Zona Bella Vista! 

HEYYY sorry the office just called and also a less active family lol BUT I AM ALL YOURS NOW!!! WOW WHAT A WEEK! :) MARY LOOKS SO OLD AND GROWN UP... I am pretty sure it gave me grey hairs....
Loving the new hats Ma sent to me and my companion!! 

Finding out about missionaries in Belgium

I JUST heard about the Missionaries in Belgium.... right now literally...someone saw us at the internet cafe and said there are missionaries like you that got hurt... I heard an Elder got hit... Is it true?? Oh my gosh... Are they alive??? (I shared with him what happened) Wow what a relief for those missionaries. I will keep them in my prayers tonight. Oh my gosh... I will call my District and we will have a district prayer tonight at our Missionary Correlation meeting.

Area 70 visit

Oh no he didn´t call me to speak... BUT HE CALLED ME TO BE HIS COMPANION and he asked me to teach PRESIDENT and his wife and ¨3 kids¨ the kids were my "son" and 2 other sisters from the zone.... TALK ABOUT A NERVE WRECKING EXPERIENCE lol We talked about how to effectively use members... In front of about 100 missionaries...

A great week

Well this week very quickly... we helped save a marriage... Helped a lady who has passed through EVERYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE know how to know if the Book of Mormon is true... We had 6 people accept dates for Baptism and we found 4 new families to teach who are all VERY INTERESTED in our message. We have learned just how dangerous pride is and we are completely unified in our companionship... We also gave a blessing of health to Elder Cordero and he has  recovered VERY QUICKLY....

Talk to you all next week! Love ya HURRAH!!!! LOVE YA BYEE!!!

Elder Hefner

Prep day Soccer and Volleyball!!

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