Tuesday, April 19, 2016

We gave away 72 in less than 90 minutes

AND THIS IS THE SUPER DISTRICT HATO DEL YAQUE. I am by far the oldest, they call my the true ¨elder¨ here ... lol Elder Laureano has 2 months now... Elder Garcia 1 month and Elder Corder 6... And me A YEAR AND 4.

Conference Weekend

Hey ma! Wow looking good!! I missed dad a lot this week during priesthood session! I got to watch a lot of conference but I missed parts because me and Elder Corder´s kids got lost in Santiago trying to get to conference (DON´T TELL PRESIDENT) lol. ANYWAYS I have been thinking about my car after the mission and I have decided that If I have ridden in 1990 honda civics without seatbelts and holes in the floor... I am going to drive one after the mission as well!!! LOL  Glorianne doesn´t even look like she had a kid... TOTALLY UNFAIR lol The miracle is that we have a baptism this Saturday! AND ONE AFTER IT AS WELL!!!! WOO :) They will probably be the last two Saturdays in my area because transfers are the 20th... :( Also that was the most I got to watch conference since October of 2014... IT really brought my spirits up! Keep President Monson in your prayers, his talks were very short and he looked VERY tired... 


We had an activity as a zone to give away Libros de Mormon. We gave away 72 in less than 90 minutes with stories of INCREDIBLE MIRACLES. The people we found were READY! One of the occasions was when I saw a group of 4 older men who looked pretty wise in reality sitting and talking. I called over Elder Mora and Elder Montero and the four of us went and talked with them. Several more people gathered around to hear. one man said I DON´T BELIEVE IN THAT BOOK. By the time we were done every single person including the man against us left with a Book of Mormon in hand and a desire to read... Until the point that one man actually told us that he had studied the book 2 TIMES THROUGH ALREADY, but now that we showed him how to study it more he was going to read through it AGAIN! The others accepted to read and study the book especially the man who was against us. IT took Elder Moras INCREDIBLE gift of the Spirit of teaching and several strong testimonies of the Book to open the hearts of the Brethren to let the Spirit in to testify. NOTE FOR YOUTH: DO NOT COME ON A MISSION WITHOUT A TESTIMONY STRONG OF THE BOOK OF MORMON. After we found people who had had the missionaries in there house before and had EVEN gone to church, but because of moving houses or changed missionaries the missionaries stopped passing and they were more than willing to accept the missionaries again! As well we had a reference from a member who told us to go by a family. The family started out saying they were catholic and weren't interested. SO me and my companion just started talking about who we were eventually the whole family came in to the room and started asking questions! After 5 minutes we had taught the entire restoration and the Spirit was palpable in the room... ESPECIALLY after I said the words of the First Vision. We will be returning this week :) IT was a good week! Love you! I will sing if the Savior stood beside me as I RUN RIGHT NOW!! We are late love ya!!! BYE!!!

Elder Hefner

Following the normal father son tradition of going out to eat before priesthood session... We went all out and went to McDonalds...

These are all the american 
Elders who got to watch conference in english... Love you all!!!
Elder Hefner

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