Tuesday, April 19, 2016

SEVERE TRIALS and amazing communion with the Holy Ghost

Amazing communion with the Holy Ghost

Well this week we had a week of SEVERE TRIALS and amazing communion with the Holy Ghost. Carmen got baptized ! WOOOO ! She is going to be SUCH a strong member of the church. We have found a brand new family that is AMAZING. We had an incredible experience with them this week. We left on of the neighborhoods in ruta towards another neighborhood ( they were about 2 miles apart ) and I remember putting my head on the head rest for a few moments to shut my eyes and relax. That's when the Spirit hit me VERY hard and said GO BACK. It was so clear it actually startled me. I waited to check if it was actually the Spirit because we had 3 other lessons planned and the minute I got out of the car it hit me again. I told my comp and confirmed with him what it is I had felt and he told me we had to go. We got in and canceled all our other appointments. We went to the house of a man we had passed. All I said was that we were missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and had a message of a restored gospel. The man who's 17 allowed us in immediately... We left an hour later after he asked " Why are their so many churches in the world and only One God?" WE HAPPILY EXPLAINED lol He accepted to read the Book of Mormon in an Instant. As we left once more to return to our neighborhood THE SPIRIT CAME AGAIN AND SAID GO BACK. I couldn't believe it... it was getting a little late but we obeyed. We felt we should go to a particular investigators house who wasn't progressing. We went but her grandpa was the only one there. We started to share with him and we felt good. That's when a couple of 20 year old guys came in and sat in on the lesson. THEN ANOTHER came in. We talked about the restoration and our purpose as Missionaries. THAT'S when the third who came in started firing off questions with sincere honest intent. After about 30 minutes explained the Restoration and The Spirit World the three accepted Books of Mormon and a return date for Sunday all promising to read and pray and leaving with huge smiles on their faces. Turns out their other brother was listening in from the corner of the house were we could barley see him as well and wanted to know more this Sunday. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. The next day the Spirit guided us to do ALMOST THE EXACT SAME and we had incredible success every time we went back or to a different place. Talk about incredible!!!!

Don't worry about us... The Lord has protected me my entire mission... And my blessing from the 70 said that I will end my FULL TIME MISSION with honor... AND we have gotten like 2 free rides this week FROM RANDOM OLD investigators of the missionaries! Talk about awesome... OH AND the other was a less active! TALK ABOUT COOL... It was my first time in a car newer than 2010 in a year and 4 months.... WOW
 Fun Fact as Missionaries we pray at least 12 times a day... Hey I have to go now!!! We have a lesson!!! Love you guys... Talk to you later!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!
Elder Hefner

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