Sunday, August 21, 2016


The Baptism of Lowilky! With Elder Dominguez a Seventy 

So this week was full of INCREDIBLE blessings and SUPER hard trials, but It all paid off in the end. Lowilky is a really special kid. I have never had a Baptism that Spiritual in my entire time. We started the Baptism off with Lowilky's favorite hymn "Come follow me" followed by talks by Hermano Thevinin and Aroni. After that the Baptism was done flawlessly without a hitch. We went back in and we watched the 12 minute version of the Restoration. The Spirit sort of settled into the room and all the members felt silent as it was time for testimonies. Two of Lowilkey's friends bore testimony and after followed my comp. My comp bore strong testimony of being a recent convert in an entirely non Mormon family and being a youth (By the way my comp will hit his 2 year mark as a member here in the mission field in the next month) with non Mormon friends. Her shared how he lost all his friends and clung to the gospel and decided to serve a mission. 

Then it was my turn... I don't share this lightly or to brag about what happened but what happened next was an INCREDIBLE Spiritual outpouring. Right before I stood up I prayed that the Lord would use me as an instrument. I got up and Lowilky had previously asked that I share his experience of everything that lead to his baptism. Once I did I shared the Missionary side of it all including our fast for him and how we had to change it. At that point I shared my testimony. I remember looking through Very watery eyes and AT several watery eyes (Including Elder Dominguez) as I testified with probably the greatest Spiritual power I have ever felt that Heavenly Father and our Savior Loved us. I explained that I didn't know why the Lord called youth just out of high school with limited education to be his representatives. I testified of the Book of Mormon and the boy Joseph and what he saw in a grove of trees almost 200 years ago. I testified of this true church and I sat down. The Spirit was INCREDIBLE. Then Elder Dominguez got up and testified of several truths and said " I testify of these four youth sitting in this room with name tags on, They hold the TRUE POWER of the Lord as we have just seen manifest when this young Elder had just testified of the Divinity of the Father and the Son.  YOU ALL FELT IT. That is the power that comes with their calling"  He then went on to share an incredible story. I am being restrained from sharing this story but when I return from my Mission I will share it in a more sacred manner with you all if it is the Will of the Lord. After that we all stood up and sang Joseph Smith's first Prayer. After we concluded singing Praise to the Man. The Baptism then concluded and my companion asked Elder Dominguez for a blessing and I participated con Hermano Thevenin y Penalo. After that Elder Dominguez took me aside and put both hands on my shoulders, looked me square in the Eye and said "Elder Hefner Don't EVER come down from on top of the mountain. Do you understand what I am saying?" At that moment the story of Lionti came into my mind and after the Class President Pratt gave us one day in Sunday School about climbing mountains. I replied that I understood perfectly and then he had a big smile and gave me a huge hug. 

LOOK WHO CAME TO VISIT MY WARD!!!!!!!! President Douglas and Sister Douglas! Talk about a happy reunion!!

The next Sunday was when Brother and Sister Douglas came to church and Lowilky asked me to do my FIRST CONFIRMATION. It was a great day to FORGET my white handbook! haha I messed up the first time but the second time I got it down even though I was shaking like a leaf! hahaha Over all it was an Incredible Experience. 

The La Vega ZONE!
Ok Hey I have to go! I love you guys! MAKE IT A GREAT WEEK! HELP EGGY A LOT!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Hefner

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