Sunday, August 28, 2016

His name was Gabriel

This is our house and the Dog that follows us around everywhere (Don't worry she's not our pet... ) lol btw these are my ORIGINAL Mission pants that grandma bought me... they are HUGE but in great condition... LOL Hope you all are doing good! 

Wow mom... I can't even EXPLAIN the tears that have just been shed seeing Elder Ramos back in Action. He is truly the greatest friend I have had here in the mission. As we were praying right before we left the house he came to my mind clear as day. I remembered sleeping on the couch next to his bed Praying during the night for him and fasting that he would at one point be able to serve again. Needless to say my heart has been filled to the brim with Joy and truly the Alma and the Sons of Mosiah must have felt the same after being away from each other for so long a time and to see that they were still Brothers in the Lord having kept the faith. I know Elder Ramos will see many miracles for his incredible sacrifice, you truly can't know how much he suffered while he was here. (Elder Ramos was the companion that he trained but had to go home early for he was very sick.)

To be honest this week has literally been as though the very Jaws of Hell had opened up after us. Every cita (appointment) has fallen, my companion got sick again, and much more but this news had made this week worth it. This week I had the opportunity to Dedicate my first grave. While me and my companion were eating at a restaurant (I had the feeling to eat there that day) A man stopped us and said something about a funeral. That Sunday he and his in active wife showed up to church and asked us to pass by and basically preach as Sermon. We started with a hymn of just four people (everyone else wasn't members) and then she asked me to preach... I shared about the Plan of Salvation to a group of about 25 people... then we went and she asked me to dedicate his grave. His name was Gabriel, he was 17 and a non member, he died of a brain tumor. They found it in March and he lasted until now. Her father also passed away from cancer. As we left that funeral I reflected a lot and I remembered when I had 2 months in the field and Elder Flores did the same. I couldn't help but chuckle and see how far the Journey has been... I love you guys.
 some of the kids from the Primary made us HLJ or CTR Braclets! We attached them to our bag!

I DID GET THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR THE TIES!!! I gave three to my comp... I loved the Puerto Rico hat too! But your face cream exploded from the pressure in the plane... LOL I had to wash everything. I WAS EXPECTING A LETTER POUCH WITH JUST A LITTLE VISINE IN IT!!!! hahahahahaha Thank you for spoiling me.. I took money out again today and got all the suits made.. They will be ready in 15 days! I saw his work and the suits turned out REALLY nice. I may get transferred though so I will have the Elders here pick it up for me if that happens!

Tell President Rivera that his letter really strengthened my testimony and my animo... he sent it in the PERFECT moment. I can't wait to assist the Spanish Ward when i get back... I may make it my home ward...

I have finally learned enough Spanish that I can read a Spanish Dictionary WOOO hahaha

Thanks dad...I also dedicated my first grave today... The only Priesthood Ordinance that I have not performed is literally saying the words for a priesthood ordination, even though I have participated in them... As I dedicated the grave I truly felt The Power of the Priesthood. It's funny how every time I access that Power I truly feel tired afterwards... I can't wait to meet this young man when I get back. I truly loved Brother Grove.. I still remember how every Sunday he would put one hand on my shoulder and say HOW YOU DOING TIMMY?! and then slide sugar free root beer barrels into my hand because I was Pre-Diabetic at that point... Truly his Posterity must be something special. Please tell Sister Grove that I say hi and that I love her. Till this day the first lessons of Primary I clearly remember were from her in our CTR 8 class and the love she showed us. Her Lessons were part of a very large building block leading to the testimony I am able to share today as a missionary. She helped train Future Missionaries.. I love you pops... I will talk to you next week!!

Elder Hefner

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