Sunday, September 11, 2016

Now is the time to lose ALL FEAR

Me and Elder Alatini and Elder Stanisclaus in a Mission Leadership meeting.

Hey mom! Is everything ok?? How is your health and the Health of the family???
Ok Just because Elder Laureano told me to write you today because he has been thinking of you all week... As well I received a blessing that talked about my family so I was a little preoccupied. Hey so Elder Laureano got all of his stuff stolen... Memory, Camera, Money, Cologne EVERYTHING except his clothes... So please take some of the money out of my Car fund to send him a package... PLEASE TAKE IT OUT OF THAT FUND AND DON'T SPEND MORE!!! lol I am eating a lot less and this week we have found 3 NEW FAMILIES THAT ARE AWESOME! The best part is they have received missionaries before in New York and were very receptive!!! We have had almost every Appt fall through but have been contacting like CRAZY! 

Yea I have been as well!! and Yea It is my last push... I don't know how much more my body will give but this is it!!!! 2 MONTHS TO LAY IT ALL ON THE LINE. Several people have accepted Baptismal Invitations. President Castillo told us " Now is the time to lose ALL FEAR. INVITE ALL TO BE BAPTIZED. THERE IS NO TIME LEFT. THE LORD IS HASTENING HIS WORK." It was a powerful Sermon..... I really liked something he said though. He told us " While I was in a meeting with David A Bednar we had the opportunity to ask questions... One President asked Elder Bednar what is the greatest preoccupation of the Presidency of the Church and the Quorum of the 12? President Castillo said that he paused, looked up to heaven and made what seemed like a direct connection with Heaven, looked back down with a literal glow of light and said " In ancient times people stoned the Prophets, Today they are Simply Ignoring them" .... 

FOLLOW THE PROPHET .. truly he knows the way

Thanks mom... Hey got to go soon!!! I LOVE YOUUUU!!!! I love you HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!
Elder Hefner
And Elder Henze is leaving in 4 weeks... We started our missions together in the same District... Its a weird feeling... HOPE YOU ALL ARE WELL!!!

Hey pops!!! sounds good! I am glad all is well! HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!! I don't really have that here and today we worked more than ever! LOL My new assignment is pretty stressful but we are working hard. I haven't slept in awhile but I am pretty much used to it by now... I am glad Grandma is doing good. We had a Leadership conference with President Castillo and in 2 weeks we will have a private conference with Elder Martinez of the Seventy face to face for 5 hours and very personal ! I am trying to work as hard as I can until the end and we have SEVERAL GOALS... one of the hardest things though was that we watched a video from a worldwide leadership conference and the time really hit me in a part when a father is Looking at his mission plaque... It got REAL at that point.. Several of the elders who are ending started tearing up... I love you pops. I pray that angels will protect you all as well. 
Elder Hefner

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