Sunday, September 18, 2016

Soooo I can't even describe all that has happened this week...

ME AND TONO!!!! I baptized Tono in my first area.. my companion is ending his mission and luckily served there as well! We met up. They say Tono is the strongest missionary in the ward and helps the missionaries out A LOT, and in his words... I AM THERE EVERY SUNDAY! jajajaja This is also his real son (one of like 18) but I am his adopted son jaja ALSO HE'S GETTING MARRIED! He wants to wait to have his wedding until the family is able to come after the mission!!

Soooo I can't even describe all that has happened this week... It has been a week of SORE trials and AMAZING blessings... Well you have to know that my goal this week was to have more charity... The Lord decided to help... lol In order to teach me to be like Christ he allowed to me to get Parasites again... I am in the process of getting them out right now lol But I have seen SOOOO many miracles this week... Give me a few moments to write a few of them!

So this week we met a sister named Rosa Tejada... Sister Tejada is crippled and her husband suffers from High Blood Pressure and Diabetes... He used to push her in a Wheel Chair to church ...that is 30 MINUTES AWAY on foot... His health finally gave out and now he is unable to... We had planned to go by and visit them with a message. That same morning we got a call that Rosa had been sick for 6 days and needed to go to the Emergency room... In this ward we act as home teachers as well... We called up a member with a car and I had to pick her up out of her wheelchair and put her in the car ( I was the only one strong enough, I AM REALLY GLAD I am doing my 30 mins of exercise every morning!) We got her to the hospital where we waited with her for 2 hours... After several medicines we got her back home. That's when it hit me... They hadn't received the sacrament in a VERY long time. I then received permission form the bishop and brought them the Sacrament with my comp and a brother from the ward... THE SPIRIT WAS INCREDIBLE. We began singing Nearer my God to Thee.. The brother began to cry.. After we talked and he said "This is why Love the Mormon Church... You guys NEVER forget about us, especially the missionaries."
Me and Tono!!!

The next day as I was walking I had the impression to stop a young Haitian boy who was working as a shoe shiner. I asked him to shine my boots... He did so doing VERY WELL. I asked him about his family.. When I did he looked up and told me that his parents had died ... I asked him if he went to school and he said that their was no time... I asked about his brothers and sisters and he told me his only brother died 2 months ago from illness... My heart truly broke.. I gave him extra for the work he did...He then said HEY I know your guys church is right around here... I would like to go someday. We gladly accepted him with open arms and hope to see him soon.

And the parasites, they are almost out of my system completely.. This round wasn't that bad honestly lol and Tono is doing good!! He said he is going to get married soon but wants to know when we are coming first because he wants his "Padrino" ME to be there and the family as well! He lost his job though so he is just trying to get by... Hey I have to go soon... Sorry we got home from Santiago late... I will talk to you more next week.. Elder Martinez is coming from the 70 this week and we will have a zone meeting with him AND he wants to have a special leadership Council... President Castillo wrote us talking about how he REALLY talked us up to the 70's... UGHHHHH lol I am going to have to give reports to him on the zone... :/ lol hey I love you! I will get permission to fill it out this week!!! I need to fill out my application to Valencia only right ? or is it to UCF as well???

Elder Hefner

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