Sunday, September 4, 2016

President was deciding how I was to "Die" in the mission...

I said goodbye to familia Marte...I really love this family

Hey Dad...
Well I was hoping to end a District Leader.. President hadn't put me as a Zone Leader because in my First Interview with him I told him I didn't want leadership positions if it wasn't completely necessary. I have a much bigger weight on my shoulders. I am in a place called San Francisco de Macoris. I contacted Kevin's friend! He's really excited to come and meet me. HE IS DRIVING ALL THE WAY OUT HERE ON SATURDAY from the Capital. PLEASE PRAY that the Spirit will touch his heart and that his heart will open to ask questions. Kevin Is one of the biggest reasons that I didn't go inactive from Young Men's when I was younger. His true love for us as well as President Seidel's kept us all active and going even though each of us were passing through a rough time. The fruits of their love are seen as several of his Young Men are now Missionaries... I am glad your meeting was so powerful! THE SPIRIT IS INCREDIBLE! I hope this really helps the Kissimmee Ward Progress. Tell Ben that he will be incredible. Good Secretaries are the key to Missionary work... I have A LOT to do here with my companion to help this Ward out... I will do everything Possible to lift it up and strengthen it in my last 3 months... Love you pops. "Let the Holy Spirit Guide" 

Well... Our Last District Meeting EVER IN FRAMBOYANES... I got a call from President the other night that was full of many questions and several laughs... He Was deciding how I was to "Die" in the mission... He decided to squeeze that last bit of life out of me and put me as a Zone Leader of a Zone of All Elders and one of the biggest areas on the entire Island.. Definitely in the mission. Just to get to one of my areas is 2 and half hours on a bus to do intercambios..

Yea... Its the one thing I didn't want but President told me it was time... I got there and the first day I already had to go on Intercambios (Exchanges).. I didn't even unpack my bag until the third day... LOL It has been raining a TON. I have SOOOO much work to do in our new ward !!! Its very small and needs A LOT of help... I will be ending STRONG here. I have an even bigger fire for the work than before. We have seen several amazing experiences with the Spirit this week but my favorite was before I left Framboyanes. As I was leaving we had one last cita with the Aunt of Familia Marte.. I had met her at the beginning of the Last transfer Contacting.. Then a Jehovahs Witness called us over the other day to compare beliefs PEACEFULLY. THEN when we were in a Noche de Hogar the familia Marte gave us the Reference and we told them we had already contacted her.. we had a cita for the last day. Upon arriving to her VERY BIG house She opened the door and at 9 pm at night accepted a Baptismal Invitation because she felt "Empty and unfulfilled" in her other church. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. The family had been trying to bring her into the church for a VERY long time... And with that I left that area in better shape than I had found it... That very same day we also had ANOTHER incredible cita with several Americans that left one of them in tears after hearing the first vision. They all requested copies of the Book of Mormon and had HUGE desires to study it. It was INCREDIBLE I truly cant write half of all that has happened in the past week!!

(Note from mom: I have been receiving lots of Facebook requests) Many of those are Church Members... But Diana Funes was from my group in the CCM SHE WAS AN INCREDIBLE MISSIONARY.  I truly love these people with all my heart... I am glad we live close so that I may Visit them often... Quintin King was in my First District! I CANT BELIEVE HE IS MARRIED!!! Please send them all my real Facebook! hahaha 

and we had a nice hour bus ride to Santiago.. This is my new comp who I will be helping end his mission with honor Elder Montiero...

I am just going to celebrate my birthday with the Elders.. I HAVE A BBQ ABOVE MY APARTMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and  Hammock!!! I am so stoked!!!

Also THEY PUT THE ONLY TWO ELDERS FROM FLORIDA TOGETHER IN THE SAME WARD!!! This is Elder Balderamos from Orlando South Stake!!! WOOO.

   Also his "Kid" Elder Fuentes... 
I have to go soon... Sorry as a Zone Leader I have to send SEVERAL long reports to President and that takes Priority... But I love you guys... Tell grandma that I read her letter but didn't have time to reply... HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!! I love you..: ALSO plan where we will be going to church on the Sunday on the Cruise... Figure out which Island we will be on! I want to go to church that  Sunday PLEASE!!!! lol TALK TO YOU NEXT WEEK!! Ok I have to go.. LOVE YOU!!!  Remember for the car think " FORD" or AMERICAN MADE... or if not a 1997 Red Toyota Camry!!!!! I will start a ruta in Florida!!! LOL OK BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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