Friday, December 26, 2014

Spending Christmas Away From My Family

Study time with Elder Smith
Selfie with the MTC (CCM) President

On Christmas and Mother's Day, Missionaries of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints get to call home. We spoke to Elder Hefner for 20 minutes yesterday. Because he is currently in the MTC, the call was short so all missionaries were able to have a turn calling home. Our hearts are full of joy! His Spanish is so good! This coming from his Puerto Rican mother. He speaks with a beautiful Spanish accent! I cannot express how much peace, happiness and love we felt when hearing his voice.The Spirit witness one more time that Elder Hefner is at the right place and the right time. I will confess that Christmas was not the same without him. We missed his very early wake up call Christmas morning (he was always the first one up) and his handing out of the presents. Tim Sr. did the honors for I could not bear having anyone else do it. We ended the call with a beautiful family prayer. It was given by Elder Hefner in Spanish.

CCM Lunch Room
CCM Christmas Lunch
Elder Hefner Christmas Tree

We received an e-mail today and will like to share some of it with you:

Hey mom and dad... Soooo week three is almost over and it has been the toughest/most spiritual weeks. I have received such personal revelation that is mind blowing... First and foremost I was very very ill for the beginning of the week. I am fine now but because of it I had to miss going to the Temple. It was horrible because I really wanted to go but I learned so many things because I didn't... I was the first to get sick and because of it, I was able to help everyone else who was sick. I felt more like the Savior because I was able to succor those who stood in need of comfort because I already knew what they had gone through.

On Christmas Day there were no employees that would cook so I went to the kitchen and made rice for about 40 people.We also ate your cookies. Don't worry, I have lost 6 more pounds. I am at 229. Btw all the Elders are telling me you are friends with all of their moms... We all laugh about it A LOT XD...

Spending Christmas away from my family was completely worth it because even as Christ was born to save us all it is now my time to go help others be born of Christ... That's the quote I told a member of the Seventy when he was talking to us about 10 ft away...

I walked with my Savior before this world was. I KNEW HIM. He was my best friend. I have been saved for these days because the Lord was teaching me my first lessons and preparing me to come down to this earth to usher in the coming of the Savior. I will forever be his instrument, to bring to pass His will and His Glory. Mom and Dad, invite the missionaries over as often as possible.  I love you all so much!!! Everyday I remember the Three names I bear on my name tag: My Family, The Church's and The Lord's. I will serve with complete honor and obedience. 
- Elder T. Hefner

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