Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nothing will stop the Lords work from Progressing!


"So upon my second day here I was made District Leader haha. It's not a responsibility I wanted but the Lord apparently has plans for me that I don't know about... We've had a few amazing spiritual experiences for sure! I've been able to be an example. My companion is a farm boy from Idaho and his Spanish is awesome! He almost got to do the two week course but his past tense Spanish wasn't good enough. My Spanish is pretty good actually. The only reason I'm not writing in it is because it would take much too long haha. When I become more fluent most of my emails will be in Español! Elder Smith is a great companion and my district I am assigned to watch and preside over are awesome. I have two sisters. Both love to sing although one is VERY bossy hahaha. The other two elders are cool we room with them. One is Tongan and the other is as white as snow. The tongan Elder Alitini will be in Santiago with me and so will Hermana Fielding ( The non Bossy sister). Everyone else is actually going to Puerto Rico (Including my companion!!). I have given several blessings already and already feel the weight of responsibility I have been called to bear and hold! Nothing will stop the Lords work from Progressing !"
Lights outside the Dominican Republic Temple

Elder Smith and Elder Hefner

ABOUT THE MTC- Missionary Training Center or in Spanish CCM - Centro de Capacitacion Misional

"The MTC President is an AMAZING MAN. He's so spiritual!!! We got to hear from a Presidency of the Seventy a couple days ago. THERE ARE ONLY 45 MISSIONARIES HERE and in 5 days that will go down to about 12!!!! hahahahaha. The food is typical. Rice beans and meat. FOR EVERY MEAL except breakfast. LOL Typical day is wake up at 6 breakfast at 7 then personal study and companion study until 9 then classes start. we break for lunch at 12 then we go right back to class. We teach our investigator( Aka hermano Nuñez) every night and we do many things in between. We have to walk 4 flights of stairs about 6-7 times a day then we get an hour of physical activity on top of that! haha We have 16 hour days and it is tiring !!"
The Picture of Jesus Elder Hefner has had since he was 8 years old.
Grandma's Quilt and Grandpa's H in the suitcase.
"Tell them that I love them all and that they are frequently in my prayers. I am losing myself to the Lords work already. I have been born to serve others. I am realizing this more and more every single day. It's the only thing that brings me the purest joy everyday. The Lord has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat. His truth is marching on, and I will be one of the Missionaries carrying that banner tall"." 


"Tell dad I say happy birthday and that I love and miss him alot. His example as a righteous priesthood holder is inspiring me everyday to overcome every trial and live wanting to bear the Higher Priesthood with authority and Love. 

 I now know that the Lord has broken be down before I left for a reason. I am personally starting from scratch. I am learning who I am and I'm very glad. I have started from ground zero and I'm building up starting with my testimony. I am being refined into a man of God and I can't wait for you all to see who I am when I return :)

I love you Mom and I'll talk to you next week tell everyone That I love them and that I'll talk to them soon! Love you all. Tell dad I love him a ton and grandpa and grandma too!
Ok ttyl mom! love you! GO TO THE TEMPLE AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. I promise the Lord will give you the comfort you need to help you press forward with a steadfastness in Christ talk to you next Thursday
- Elder Hefner :)"

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