Friday, December 19, 2014

We stand tallest when we are on our knees...

Missionaries at the CCM (MTC) are broken down into Districts. Here is a picture of the Benjamin and Alma Districts.

Glory did you know

As I was driving towards work this week, the Christmas song Mary Did You Know came on the radio. As I listened to the lyrics, I could feel the love of Mary towards her son Jesus Christ, the same love that I have for mine. I then switched the name Mary to Glory. 
Glory did you know that your baby boy will save our sons and daughters? 
Did you know that your baby boy has come to make you new?
This child that you've delivered, will soon deliver you. 
As we read Elder Hefner's message, we are reminded that God's mercy and blessings are available to those that we serve and help come unto Christ. Our son has come to teach  and remind each of us the importance of Trials,Prayer, Faith and Trust.

A message to you

Timothy Hefner

Dec 18 (1 day ago)
to meTimothy
Hey everybody! Just so you know I love you all. Your support in my calling as a missionary has been tremendous and VERY NEEDED. Some people think that when you are called to serve a mission every trial and hard time just stops because you are on the Lord's time. I'm here to tell you that this is FALSE. These past couple of weeks have been nothing but trial after trial for the Missionaries in the CCM (MTC).  We are all very tired and I personally went 2 weeks running on less than 4 hours of sleep because my concern for these Elders and Sisters is very very high. Through much fasting and prayer things have begun to return back to normal. The Spirit has returned to the CCM and for the moment we are able to stand tall. Although it's important and 100% vital to remember that we stand tallest when we are on our knees. I have witnessed Miracles unfold in my life and in the lives of others. I've finally been able to sleep for more than a few hours a night thanks to the help of my mission president.  It's funny though, no matter what Satan tries to throw at us HE CAN'T STOP US. No unhallowed hand will EVER stop the work from progressing. The Truthfulness of the Gospel will go forth boldly, nobly and independently until The Great Jehovah will say " The Work is Done!". The Authority to act completely in the Lords name is back on the Earth. My companion has shown me this to be the truth. The Lord has used us to bless the lives of others with such power that it has sanctified ourselves and brought us closer to the Lord and together. We have learned that the Spirit is so vital to EVERYTHING. It has blessed us as we have followed it's guidance and we have seen the consequences of not following it as well. I promise that as we strive to have the Spirit as a constant companion AND work equally hard to be worthy and ready for It's promptings that It will bless our lives dramatically. I need all of you to know that I am losing myself to this work. My problems are so tiny compared to the grand scheme of things. Elder Bednar promised us that the biggest difference between the Savior and us, besides the obvious, is that when he was tempted or had hard times he never turned in towards himself but ALWAYS turned out towards other. That is what I have taken to heart. This is what I have learned. I can say now with all honesty of heart that I can answer as the Savior did when he said "For the cause have I come into the World" Now I can say that I have come into this world not Called to Serve but Born to Serve. I am here to help others along there path back to our Father in Heaven and It will not stop after these two years. I love you all.

Elder Hefner
Elder Smith...Elder Hefner's Companion

A message to us

Hey I got all the packages !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! My District also loves you for all the Candy. I will be calling Christmas at 2:35 your guys time! It's a phone call and I'll just be calling mom's phone but please know it's only for 20 minutes MAX! The ward  and Kony Finance are so awesome and I really appreciate all the cards. I'm doing o.k. for the most part. The weight of leadership is a tough one to bear though. We are saving the cookies for Christmas and we did Temple work for 15 of the family files you sent me. My favorite thing at the CCM is my companion and THE FOOD hahaha. My least favorite thing is probably that we have 16 hour days and we can't take naps! I miss you guys but I am not letting it interfere with my work... PLUS I'm losing a bunch of weight as you can see from my red Picture. My companions in the District love to work out!
Some things never change...Elder Hefner flexing
Ok,hey I have to go soon but thank you for all the packages they have really helped me A LOT... I love you guys so much and your missionary efforts have blessed my life Tremendously! Hey, before i go can you send me the big family picture with us all and the dogs!!!

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