Friday, December 5, 2014

Reporting for Duty

On December 3, 2014 Elder Timothy Hefner reported to the Dominican Republic Missionary Training Center. He has been preparing for years to receive his call and to serve. Although for our family is a difficult transition, we know without a doubt this is what Elder Hefner is meant to do at this time. The tender mercies of the Lord are many. We are not going to lie, after dropping him off at the airport we were a mess. The tender mercy came via the following e-mail:

Timothy Hefner <>
Dec 3 (2 days ago)

Hola mi familia! I'm already here at the MTC! The trip was a little bumpy but fine. I already see how humble and amazing these people are. This is a huge wake up call... I love you guys and please know I'm safe. Everyone says i'm doing good on my Spanish even though I only understand about 1/4 of everything that's going on. I arrived at the Airport with a lot of confusion as to how I was getting here but we got it all sorted out. i can with an hermana from Honduras. MOM YOU'D LOVE IT HERE!!!! The MTC is literally right next to the temple and right outside they have these massive tree gardens that are COVERED HEAD TO TOE with Christmas lights. All of the trees FROM ROOT TO BRANCH ALL DIFFERENT COLORS. I love you guys talk to you later!

-Elder Hefner

The following day as Tim and I were texting and saying how much we missed Elder Hefner, we received an e-mail from the MTC President at the exact moment we were feeling sad. President Freestone included 3 pictures, the one above and the following two. We truly believe Heavenly Father wanted to reassure us that he was chosen for our brothers and sisters in the Dominican Republic. His smile and Spirit say it all.

The final tender mercy came yesterday afternoon. As I sat at our dinning table and looked at the empty chair next to me, I received a message from a Sister in DR saying that she took pictures of several missionaries as they came out of the Temple. One of them was our son Elder Hefner!

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