Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Child of God...what does it mean?

Me and abuelo...he is always with me

About my week

Everything is good! I have pictures but my camera broke... The Humidity down here caused my batteries to explode inside my camera and welllll........ YEA but life is good! Work is progressing and our investigators are good...How are things back home?? We had a training this week.The training was good... Sister Douglas gave a training on prayer for 2 HOURS... TALK ABOUT MIND BLOWN!!!!! Here are some pictures from the training.
Me with President and Sister Douglas!!! The love he showed was beyond me.
Me with Elder Mosquera, Hermana Bouyon and Hermana Tuj!
Me with my favorite Sister missionary ever Hermana Reyes!
and me with Hermana Gonzalez! They are both AWESOME!!!!!! 

Make Dad something good for Father´s day!!! I am sorry I can´t be there but right now my job is helping other dads try to be more like Our Father that is in Heaven... And if they can be anything like my earthly Father my time here will have been well spent. Love you both with all of my heart.

Elder Hefner

A Message to you

What do the words I am a Child of God mean? Do the mean that I am the son or daughter of a being that just exists or something deeper? As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we believe that every child is a child of God. That he loves us and we should love him. But what does that truly mean for each one of us. It means that we are The literal children of a all knowing, all loving and all powerful God. That Under his direction our Older Brother Jesus Christ created the Earth. That our ultimate goal is to return home and live with him. This life is a time for men to prepare to meet God, according to the Book of Mormon and The Bible. How will we meet him though after this life? On bended knee worshiping and saying thank you for your grace and mercy? Or in shame trying to hide ourselves from him who knows and sees all? I would ask that all of you reflect on this this week and email me if you would like with your thoughts! For any who are not members of the church please feel free to email me and ask questions if you have any! Pertaining to what our beliefs are or what The life of a missionary is like or anything in between! I would love to answer all and any of your questions! Lots of love,
Elder Hefner

My email is

We are called to be fishers of men... I gave a training on that using Jesus the Christ and Other scriptures.. Pretty neat isn't it?? :) 

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