Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Seeking a ¨sign¨...what a sign it was...

I got a new camera... IT IS SO NICE and it was super cheap!!! lol It is a Samsung smart camera and don´t worry I got it at a nice place with a return policy not the Black market hahaha EMAIL ME BACK FAST! We went to the river today and I got some nice pictures! :)

Amazing experiences and a humble gifts

 I can´t begin to tell you how much I love these people... I had a cool experience yesterday that basically eliminated all desire I had to go home or think about home :)  I was on an intercambio (exchange) with my Zone leaders and It was a little later at night around 10.. I went onto the balcony of the house and overlooked the WHOLE CITY and just was filled with overwhelming love. I thought about everyone I was teaching and I don´t know I just decided in that moment that I really didn't want to leave and that I am completely happy here :)

TONO WENT TO THE TEMPLE TO DO WORK FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!! FIRST TIME DOING BAPTISMS!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the work is awesome... but the assistants told me that I am getting transferred in 2 weeks...


Kadie Moss... The sister of Elder Moss (Who served in the CCM with me and is serving in Puerto Rico) Sent me a package of 50 TIES!!!! It is for the poor people here who need ties to go to church!!! So I am starting a thing with the whole mission that whoever needs ties just emails me and I send them there way! Can you find her email and thank her for me please?! She did it because she read about my experience with Tono!!! IT IS SO AWESOME!!!! I HAVE ALREADY GIVEN AWAY 6 !!!! WHAT AN AMAZING BLESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seeking a "sign"

So my message today is for all those who are seeking a ¨sign¨ to know that God exists and that he is there... I am here to say that God doesn't work by signs he works by faith. After we begin to believe we need to exercise that faith by Reading the Holy Scriptures, Praying and Assisting church. After that, the signs come and the blessings rain down from Heaven, and most of the time in ways we don´t expect. To give a fair illustration of this point I want to share something that happened to me this week. As I was walking down the street late at night with one of my Mission leaders I looked up at the sky. Having lived in Florida all my life I know a Severe Thunderstorm cloud when  I see one. I told my Companion who is from Peru that It was going to start raining very hard but he didn't believe me... I tried to pick up my pace but we were still 20 minutes out from the house. 3 minutes after the warning the clouds burst and it began POURING for the first time in awhile. By the time we got to the house we were soaked. I was ringing out my only shirt at the time into a bucket and hanging them on the line to dry. Some people may think this a bad experience, but earlier that day I had forgotten to pack my clothes and my things to take a shower at the house I was sleeping at that night... So what did the Lord do? AFTER I HAD showed my faith and taught nine lessons that day walking over 5 miles, he opened the Heavens and cleaned my clothes and gave me a bath! hahahahahaha To some this may seem childish but to me it made all the difference. How blessed we are to have a Loving Father in Heaven who knows us and our needs. He is waiting to Pour down the blessings! We just have to show him first that we are ready to receive them and ready to trust that He Is. That he hears and will answer every prayer. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Elder Hefner

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