Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I am now Feki!!! lol NO MORE KOLIPOKI!!!

New house

A message to mom

Hey Mom just emailing to tell you that I will be emailing tomorrow around 12-2! I have to be in a meeting during our normal email time ... LOVE YOU
So then 45 minutes later... Tim and I are at the grocery store...
HEY BIG CHANGE OF PLANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM HERE!!!!!!!!!! I won´t be able to write for the next 3 days... lol
I then get a text from Glorianne...mom check your email...Timmy is trying to e-mail you! I honestly don't know what I would do without technology...we pulled over and started reading messages...
I got a call from my mission President about 20 mins after our email. He called me while I was in the hospital. He told me that I was assigned to train... I AM ALSO GOING TO BE A FATHER. (that means he gets to train a brand new missionary) That means  i have to go back to go to meetings all day in Santiago tomorrow! And then I have to be in a meeting all day the next day as well!
So I asked, what is wrong? Why are you in the hospital?
Nothing???? lol and Ummm I gave my first capacitacion (training) to a Zone... The Spirit was super strong... Then I went on an intercambio (exchange) with the Zone Leaders and We taught a lesson where the Holy Ghost was literally in the room with us... Me being called to train is a huge miracle slash I don´t know... It is going to be crazy.. I am one of the youngest Elders along with Elder Henze to train in the Mission in 3 years...
They say being a trainer is the most important role in the mission...And yes I am still District leader... I just am now training a brand new missionary at the same time :o This whole period of training is going to be ALL HUMBLING....... This is a huge blessing and learning experience... But I have to go soon...

They Say the trainers learn more from the New Elders than any other time in the mission... I can´t wait to see what the Lord has in store... It is exciting and SUPER Humbling..Especially if the put me with a greengo... I am going to need to learn Perfect Spanish A LOT FASTER...

Hey I am sorry I don´t have a lot of time... I have to go soon.. I promise we will have more time next week. I ask for your prayers as I begin a new chapter in the mission. Please pray for my health and for me to be humbled... If I am not humble I will be the worst trainer in the world.. That is what Elder Flores Taught me... Also that I can be blessed with Charity... I love you so much mom!

I send my love and Devotion!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!! I am now Feki!!! lol NO MORE KOLIPOKI!!! I will work hard so that Dad´s recovery will be blessed. He and you have a great work to do. Do not be surprised if the Lord begins asking more of your time and talents. GIVE IT TO HIM. PUT HIM FIRST. PLEASE you don´t know the blessings he yet has ready to pour down if you say yes to the missionaries, church leaders or time teaching assignments.. If you feel it is hard look for the video from the church ¨Only a Stonecutter¨ and say yes and put him in the first place! Love you both with all of my heart. You are in my prayers every night. 

Elder Timothy Hefner¨The Second of Many¨more to come! :)
The Sunset in this amazing Paradise I call my new home... 


Or House.... btw when we are both in  the kitchen slash laundry room we have to dance the tango just to cook lol We have water only 3 days of the week...we collect water and take shower with that bucket...lol

A message to dad

DAD!!! I just got a call from the Mission President.... I have been called to train... I am truly overwhelmed to be honest. I only have 4 weeks in this HUGE area and only 8 months in the mission... I knew something big was going to happen because Satan has been relentless with temptation and I have been super sick, the Lord is humbling me. I have a pretty good infection in my stomach but not to worry the doctor started me on a heavy duty medicine and I will be good in a week. I have been praying for you every morning and night to fight through the pain and recover your strength quickly so that you can build up the kingdom of God and help to move the work along tenfold. Whenever the rehab is killing you just remember you have a Missionary praying for you. I have come to love the furnace of affliction. It is beyond hard at times but the blessings that come are those of the eternal nature. How grateful I am to be your son dad. Keep fighting. Keep Pushing. Mike Tyson once said ¨You are never out of the fight¨ Paul has said ¨ The Trial of our faith is more precious than gold¨ and the Savior has said ¨In the world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the World.¨ I have felt his love this week and grown in my depth of the atonement like I never knew was possible... I am starting to finally begin to understand those few hours in the Garden that made eternity in The Celestial kingdom possible. KEEP GOING. I know The Lord has a great work in store for you and our family. You do all of his will there and I will try to do all of his will here.
Lots of love
Elder Hefner


 ¨Only a Stonecutter¨ Video - enjoy!

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