Tuesday, August 25, 2015

When I read this I began to Sob...

The Navarette zone piled into a tiny bus the day of transfers!


I am dead serious! lol I am back at 100 Percent and had one of the HARDEST most CHALLENGING yet AMAZING week of my entire mission!!!

So I will tell you some parts because I can´t write everything it would be impossible... So I had to stay with my Zone Leaders for 3 days because I didn't have a companion. AND MY AREA DIED. I lost all my investigators except one family and it was pretty rough. I found myself a companion and called the Office and they cleared him... HE IS AMAZING. 
Me and my new companion HERMANO Peralta!

We started by returning to Santiago to see the Baptism of one of my Investigators and after that we went to work. 
The Baptisim of Pricel in my last area that I got to back for.. I should be returning in the next 3 months for 4 more People! LOVE THIS WORK!!! 

We had doors slammed in our face NON STOP. ALL of our investigators refused to go to church and I literally hit a breaking point. Oh and after all of this having just recovered from 2 weeks with Amoebas... I sat in church and looked at Dionis and he could tell I was exhausted. I really had nothing else to give. He began to write in his journal and he then showed me the page. Inside it said ¨ This week I have learned a lot from Elder Hefner of Pure Obedience and Love. He has been thrown out and cast out, he has passed through so much but still continues to serve. To me this is Pure Charity.¨ When I read this I began to Sob. Right after the 2nd Councilor in the Stake Presidency got up and gave a talk that could have rained fire from Heaven about Trials and he spoke right at me. I am pretty sure he knew I needed it. We then Concluded with the Hymn Come Come ye Saints. I realized... Well I need to set an example, I am not Dead yet so I can teach on preaching...lol I have accepted a new Phrase in the Mission that has driven me and I taught it to my comp... At first I created it as a joke but it quickly became a Reality. ¨We preach until The Death... And then after we keep on Preaching¨ It is a really true Gospel Principle (Doctrine and Covenants 138 53-The End) We found 2 GOLD Families in the following days and I got to give a blessing. The Sisters in the Ward had been asking for a blessing for a Sister who was super sick for 3 weeks and NO ONE HAD GONE. I had the impression I had to drop all my appts that night and go. I asked the permission of the Bishop to go and give it as soon as possible and he gave it. When I layed hands on her head the Spirit filled me (As I had asked in knelt prayer with my companion in the Church before) and I blessed her with strength to endure literally ¨Until the End.¨ I just felt like I couldn't bless her to recover... After we left and returned home my companion had informed me that this women had severe Cancer... But before we got home we stopped by a members house right next door to the Blessing of the Sister and the Hermanas had a lesson planned and one was trying to push us out the door but The Spirit spoke clear as day that we had to give a message, but about what I had no clue. That is when the oldest son asked me to teach him how to give a blessing... He is due to receive the Higher Priesthood soon... I agreed and we sat everyone down and I asked Hermana Cordova to start teaching the Oath And Covenant of the Priesthood. I then Followed teaching about the Power and Authority of the Priesthood and what it means. It was the single most powerful lesson I had ever taught in my Life. I shared Brother Walker's Story (Brother Walker was a member of our ward. Before Elder Hefner went on his mission we found out that he had a pretty big tumor in his jaw. The day before his surgery Elder Hefner said the Spirit told him that Brother Walker had to give him the blessing. Brother Walker I believe was in his 90's and had a hearing and speech impediment. Once he finished giving the blessing to Elder Hefner he stated that nobody had ever asked him to give a blessing. Shortly after that blessing, Brother Walker passed away.) and we were all filled with the Spirit so strong none left that room without tears. I then demonstrated with my companion how to give a blessing and talked about the true power that is their through Faith and The worthiness of the Holder of the Priesthood and how Impossible it is to give a blessing without Guidence of the Priesthood. I then Shared the Story of when Dad gave the Blessings to the two Boys.. One to Heal and One To let one pass on. The two Young men in the room were filled with tears and told me as I left their utmost burning desire to be worthy to receive such an authority and use it justly. I left them Sections of Scripture to Study to prepare. We ended with a kneeled family prayer. We then left to walk home. It was 9:15 and we were at least 2 kms from the house. We began to walk faster than most people jog to get home on time. That is when someone passed offering us a ride ( WHICH NEVER HAPPENS HERE) And we accepted and shared with the Driver and the Captain of the Local Army who sat in back for 5 mins until the ride home. Through the Strongest of Storms we are more able to clearly see the brightest light. And Often when we see it it is overpowering and can´t take it all in at once. The same goes for this gospel. It is the Truth. To any who need to weather the Storm of life, KEEP GOING. The Light house is there. Keep searching and it will guide you to safer waters. In the Sacred name of Jesus the Christ my Master. Amen.
Elder Hefner
Me and Hermano Peralta buying REAL PIZZA!! WOOOOWWWWW :´) 
and this is not dirt.. IT is the pile of dead mosquitoes after 2 days of not sweeping them up.... Needless to say I am being eaten alive lol

I send him this message
Look at this from  the Church Website...Is your mission going to serve CUBA?????????????? Before your mission only showed DR. The US Embassy opened in CUBA last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inline image 1

THAT IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol that will be funny if I get ¨Transferred¨ JAJAJAJAJAJA
GREAT! But hey i have to go pretty soon... I love you and thank you so much for all you are doing.:  But yea I have to go I love you a ton.. LOVE YOU HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!
Elder Hefner

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