Sunday, August 16, 2015

What have you done with the time I gave you on earth

Me with Hermana (Sister) Anderson from my district.

Unexpected changes

Hey So I am not training this week... The Assistants called and my Kid didn't make it. Instead they told me i will be serving with a MEMBER for 6 weeks... But he didn't come either so now I am in a trio with my Zone Leaders hopefully only until Sunday... 

Me with Elder Weber y Alvarez... Zone Leaders and friends.

But that means I won't be able to teach and my area and all those we had progressing probably won't be progressing anymore...So I am in a trio until the mission can find a member to put with me... Which could be more than just one week. And I only will really be working in the zone leaders area since my area is a 30 minute bus ride away...
Me and Elder Galleguillos...he just got transferred

... And No I haven't recovered from my sickness yet. This makes 2 weeks with this infection.  ,... lol I am on a heavy duty antibiotic to kill amoebas. If I am not better by the time it is done I promise I will call the mission Nurse. ... I am just going to Missionary up and go to work... Honestly mom the Elders here are a WHOLE OTHER BREED OF MISSIONARY. A lot of times they leave and throw up on the way to an appointment. If we stayed home every time we got sick we wouldn't be doing anything hahaha. I'll be fine. Really with the Mini missionary I will be with him when he gets here for a month or so and then I will train after that... Or at least that is the plan. I don't know it is just hard because We finally got our area revived from the dead and then we get yanked out again... Dominicans are a very friendly people and expect you to stop by at LEAST twice a week... The two greatest insults you can do is 1. Not Stop by and 2. Not eat their food... Please don't worry about praying for me but please pray for my investigators that their hearts may be soften when i return...
Our English class... Elder Galleguillos teaching... And I have the ugliest Bob Marley you have ever seen lol

Yes I can function if I am YOU can't function properly if I AM SICK is the problem JAJAJAJAJAJA QUE MUCHACHA MAMA! (you are such a girl mom!) MIRA tu sabes que tengo la forteleza de Los Hefners. (you know I have the strenght of the Hefners) Mejor soy su hijo.(Better than that I am your son) Siempre tu estabas enfermo y todavia estaba siguiendo fiel no importa solo para ayudar la Familia.(anytime you have been sick you maintained your faith to help the family)  Papa Tambien. (Dad also) Yo puedo Hacer Este Obra. (I can do this work) Estoy usando Sabiduria.  (I am using knowledge) NO TE PRECUPES OK! lol (do not worry, okay?)Te quiero mucho (I love you lots)
My District with the Obispo (Bishp) por el ultima vez. (for the last time) Hermana Anderson se fue y (is gone and) Elder Galleguillos tambien...(also)

A message to all of us

This week I was reading and studying something very sacred and I had a realization about our Pre-mortal Life. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we believe that God has a Plan of happiness for each one of us. We believe we lived before this World was as Spirits with our Father in Heaven. We had the capacity to grow and to learn and most importantly to choose. If you would like more information about this just see
We felt it necessary to follow our Savior Jesus Christ. At times it is easy to forget that WE ARE his children. The Offspring of God. His Children in the Spirit. Each on of us has the Opportunity to be like him. We must choose to walk in His path though. When we choose other diverse paths we can not come closer to him and it only leads us to utter sorrow. He is the way, the Light and The Life. No man can expect to stand before the Judgement bar at the last Day and Ask "Who are You" when he presents his marked hands and feet to us. WE WILL KNOW CLEARLY. He is The Christ. The Only begotten Son of the Father in The Flesh. We will be judged by him for our works and deeds. How will we reply when he asks " What have you done with the time I gave you on earth" Will we reply in utter sadness as we say in reality nothing.. I focused on Material things, my job and parties with my friends... Or will we be able to say... " I tried to do all that you asked... Here is the result of my work... And there we will look behind and see all those we brought with us.. I testify this is the Truth. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Elder Hefner

                Me with Hermanas Zeggara y Nauca they were from the CCM with me.. 

Me with Elder Christensen again.. We will be together in the same zone until he dies! WHAT A BLESSING!

and me with Hermana Jorden..> She's dead she went home today!


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