Friday, September 18, 2015

There are very few things more powerful...

HEY! Me teaching basic math at 8:30 at night lol IT WAS AWESOME... But I felt like dad... It was creepy lol

A message for All Mothers

This message is for all mothers who are in need of help. Maybe you have a youth that has gone astray or maybe someone in your family suffers from a crippling disease or maybe you just need the strength to get up and work everyday. There is a quote by one of the leaders of the Church. I know this quote to be the truth because of the example my own mother has showed to me during my short life. It says " There are very few things more powerful than the Faithful Prayers of a righteous mother" - Boyd K. Packer (Apostle in the Quorum of the 12 Apostles.) I believe and know this to be true. Keep your faith. Keep going. Your prayers WILL be answered if you are worthy and trying to do all you can to keep the commandments of our Lord. You are loved. To feel this love all you have to do is reach and and pray. He will send his love through the Power of the Holy Ghost. This I testify in the Sacred and most holy name of my Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ. Amen.
Some of the Young Men we teach... THEY ARE INSANE. lol

A message to our Young Men and Young Women

Tell them to follow Christ..I will be back in no time lol Tell them they all rock and to do EVERYTHING NECESSARY to join me out here  in the field. I could not be happier if I had my brothers out here in the field working with me to help bring others to the truth. To know they have my back and I theirs would give me tons of strength to keep going. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Thought you would enjoy this picture mom lol.. (This is the Haitian Creole Dictionary Elder Hefner's dad used during his mission. Two Elder Hefner's name at the top of the pages)

The importance of a father and family support

I have literally been fighting everyday to keep going. There have been days were it took all that I had to leave the Apartment. Between my back and my stomach the Lord has been trying me to my limit... Since I got to Esperanza I have lost 11 pounds!!!! I am now 217... I haven't been 217 since 9th Grade... lol... But we have begun to see the Fruits. He is revealing the people who are ready to hear the word. They have taken the form of little children who need help learning math to the man who proclaims that he is a sinner long gone and can never receive forgiveness for what he has done. I have learned that this gospel is for all. The healing and empowering message of The Atonement of our Lord and Saviour is for all to feel and experience. WE ARE NEVER TOO FAR GONE. I was reading an old ensign this week and I now have a new quote pasted into the front of my scriptures.. It goes like this "I Hope to be judged as good a man as my father. Before I hear the words Well done from my Heavenly Father, I hope to First hear them from my Mortal Father" - President Boyd K. Packer. This really touched my heart and I learned the truth of this great message very quickly as the Spirit testified of its message. I am grateful dad that you are back home taking care of our little fold of God. I am so grateful that you and mom never gave up on me and always put a firm example for me to follow. It has beyond blessed my life. I love you so very much. I am grateful one of us will be there for the Birth of my niece. She has been blest to be born into a family of amazing grandparents like you guys. Love you a ton. 

His reaction when find out he will be having a niece

My new bag!!!!!!!!!!! It is a bishop and a little old Abuela who make them by hand on the old manual sewing machines that grandma has... You press it with your foot lol 

Me with my new bag New Bag Equals NO BACK PAIN WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

About his new Mission President

I have been teaching Obedience in all my lessons in District and Zone meetings. I live the white bible the best I can AND Preach my Gospel. I had my interview with him. I told him whatever he says I will do and I am going to stick to my promise. I have a lot of trust in him and his wife. They are both amazing people and they only want the best for us. He is such a Spiritual man honestly.

OH BTW I am singing a duet with Elder Christensen for the Zone Conference for Elder Zivic... We will be singing Brightly Beams our Fathers mercy and the Zone of 20 will join us on the Chorus!!! and That will be awesome for you two..I miss the Temple A LOT... But hey I have to go now... I love you mom and dad.. HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!

Elder Hefner

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