Tuesday, September 8, 2015

WAIT A SECOND! I was afraid!

Hermana Charo Trying on my shoes... LOL Everyone here has tiny feet so we had a good laugh for about 10 minutes as she tried to walk! 

 New Companion and New Mosquitero

THEY FINALLY SENT ME A MOSQUITERO!!! I have been dying!!! We are talking 30 mosquito bites every night. I woke up yesterday with 2 in MY NOSE! I will finally be able to sleep!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  WOW HOW GLORIOUS ARE THE WORDS ¨Mosquito Net¨ Whoever invented them deserves the Nobel Peace Prize... lol

Yea my comp showed up about 2 hours ago! He seems like a chill guy...His name is Elder Suero.. He has 20 months in the mission and he is from the DR. But he told me he lived in Georgia before so that is pretty chill... I told him I used to go up there alot lol

Dionis (future missionary) learned a lot about How hard missionaries work...I was sad when he left because I love the Kid to death..He reminds me A LOT of how I was before the Mission...
Dionis, Branly and the Sisters

An Amazing Experience

Ok so we were walking home one night and it was about 8:30... In this mission it is perfectly reasonable to say: ok the house is 10 minutes walking away so I can return home and be home ¨On time¨ or a little before. BUT THAT IS NOT HOW THE LORD WORKS. So we were on the way home and I remember thinking ¨Lord what is your will right now? Who needs this message?¨ I then remember clearly hearing (As I waited for an answer) ¨You are going the Wrong direction¨ I looked up at my very confused companion and immediately began walking back the way we came. The Spirit came as I stopped on the corner ¨Right¨ Then afterwards ¨Left¨ Then ¨Contact EVERY HOUSE on this street¨ We went by the first house and they had a family activity so I felt as though it would be wrong to contact them at that time and in reality felt fear. I went to the Second house and began talking with a man when it hit me... WAIT A SECOND! I was afraid! I have NEVER been afraid to talk with someone! I turned around (By which point I am sure my companion thought I had lost my marbles) And I walked up to the house. I was greeted by ¨ HEY! DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH TOO?!¨ It was a young boy who asked and I told them yes. NO ONE HERE SPEAKS ENGLISH. We started talking and then in Spanish so his family could understand. Turns out the kid and his brother were visiting from New York... The family gave us juice and their first question was ¨Why are you guys out preaching so late?¨ My reply was that this was our last visit. The father of the house then invited us to share our message after me doing all my interpretations of the Disney Characters for about 5 minutes which thoroughly entertained the kids lol So we taught the Restoration in about 6 minutes... After that it was followed by about an hour and a half of NONSTOP QUESTIONS which ALL could be answered with the First 2 lessons. Obviously we put a return appt and they were all VERY eager to continue listening. He especially wants a Book of Mormon because ¨If what we say is true the Book would be amazing to read and study¨... Miracle of the Week!
Someone snapped a pic of me reading or preaching lol

Glorianne, Adalyn and Kevin's song

WOW Glorianne, Adalyn and Kevin's song is SUCH an inspiration for me... Really if I ever have a hard day I just put it on and it helps me to relax and IMMEDIATELY invites the Spirit back.. AND MARY DID SUCH AN AMAZING JOB!!!!!! (We recorded Maryanne's first talk in Sacrament meeting and Glorianne singing with Adalyn and now Elder Arguelles)

Me with a Recent Convert and Friend Mariany (Also FUTURE MISSIONARY!)

P-Day in Santiago!

I have to go... Ttyl mom & dad!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!! Love you a ton! ttyl! TIME TO GO PREACHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Hefner

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