Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I remember asking ¨Lord is this what you want?¨...

The New Hermana in my District from California! SHE´S THE BEST! and With Hermana Bonilla! 


and the Lord has opened the Windows of Heaven! The work has EXPLODED here. The Lord has showered down blessings and we have so many new families we are teaching.. Approx 8 or 9 then another 4 or 5 investigators. Let me tell you I have never walked  so far in my life but it has paid off. The Lord has been amazing. We have over 9 BRAND NEW FAMILIES! Most of which are family members of the Members here who we ¨Accidentally¨ Ran into while contacting! WOW and most of them are GOLD TOO!!!! It is so amazing to see what the Lord does. BUT we have to listen. One night in Planning we got into a routine of teaching in Certain areas certain days. As we were finishing the normal planning. I remember asking ¨Lord is this what you want?¨ The answer came clear as day NO. lol I then crossed out all our plans and backup plans and but down the names of a few members in a certain Neighborhood or ¨Barrio¨ (We have about 9 Barrios that we teach... ) That day we got 2 brand new families who were references and one of them was from Hermana Mila.. The oldest Missionary in our ward. This lady can´t hardly see ANYTHING and glasses don´t exist out here, but we finished a lesson with the Family of Hermano Iglesia and she comes in saying ¨There you are! LET´S GO! I have someone for you to teach!¨ We then show up with Hermana Mila and the kids of other members wanted to come with us. We walked into a house with 3 Members and 2 missionaries and began to talk. The Spirit strongly told me to start teaching the Plan of Salvation instead of the Restoration and by the end of the Lesson we were all basically in tears. Hermana Mila bore a testimony that could of raddled the foundations of Hell itself. That one testimony sealed the deal. It was so soft and calm but packed such a spiritual punch that the Investigator at the End of the lesson literally just said ¨Wow that message was so beautiful. Everything you are teaching is amazing.¨ We will be returning Friday again and next week putting a baptismal date! :D SORRY HAD TO WRITE AT LEAST ONE EXPERIENCE! But literally couldn't tell you ALL the Spiritual experiences we have had this week!  I applied some secrets Brother Hoglund sent me and they worked amazingly! It was a very humbling experience doing my first interviews.... It was such a heavy feeling feeling the trust of the Lord in me with these Missionaries... The ward now has new confidence in the Elders as we showed them Our new progress form..We are working hard and I LOVE IT... 
Classic Missionary Shot! hahaha This is the road to church in Barrio La Fe! 

And Glorianne this is the most Expensive bottle of coke you will ever buy.... (They left out the RD Peso Sign) lol
ALSO I bought this as my tribute to dad... IT IS MY NEW P-DAY BAG!!!! LOLOLOL I feel like a women.. Just because I have never been so interested like I am now in Bags and shoes every time I walk into a store.. I FOUND SIZE 13 SHOES TOO!!! They are waterproof shoes that look like boots but cut off at the ankle! THEY ARE PERFECT! So you guys don´t need to send me shoes for the rest of my mission!! WOOOO
 So it looks like I will be here for Christmas if everything go as planned! I am going to be training after this transfer and Training is 3 months minimum lol And just think about it.. After this skype only one more left... OH CRAP!!! lol  
Love you too! I just converted Glorianne and Adalyn's Song and Maryanne's talk online and I am downloading them now!!! THANK YOU MAMA!!!
But hey I need to go now.. I love you  a ton.. Time to go cook popcorn then walk with trash bags full of Popcorn to Church HAHAAHAHA lol BIGGER HUG IN RETURN!!!! :) lol Tell dad to read his email when he gets home!! and to send Brother Gasque a Giant hug from me!! LOVE YOU G2g!!
Elder Hefner #3 :)

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