Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My spiritual experience was that...

Super healthy Lunch Potluck! We all just wanted healthy food...

A pretty rough week

I am fine! ... NOW.. i was a little sick but it´s all good... lol Just a little problem with my stomach nothing too big... lol Lol I was sick before the food... And my comp and I are recovering but we are able to go and teach... 
My companions first ¨Dominican Hotdog¨ Gross melted cheese, ketchup and mustard and mayo with corn and gross fried onions... LOL (Then you wonder why they get sick)

Elder Ramos is learning gradually but he SURE HAS THE GIFT OF TONGUES. I am helping him out! My week was spent in the house sick ... lol So It was ok... It was just a nasty Virus... Doctor Regan (Doctor of the Caribe) and I are really good friends.. if you can find his email you should email him saying thank you for taking such good care of your son.. HE IS AMAZING!!...but yea we have a family who just needs to get married and I believe they will get baptized... We could only really Listen to conference by radio... Our internet here sucked.. I am going to print out your notes and study them because I basically missed the first two sessions due to 3rd world country internet lol We will take time out and watch them another day... just a little problem with my stomach nothing too big... lol I am teaching my comp how to cook AND how to wash clothes, shine his shoes, mop, sweep, and Iron... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TEACHING ME YOUNG... lol

 Our Conference potluck ... MY PART.. lol So whole grain sandwiches with fresh Mexican guacamole with Tortilla chips... lol The last part wasn't too healthy but it´s the healthiest I have eaten in 10 months... BUT! I am officially down to 207 lbs!

No matter what there is always something good

My spiritual experience was that despite ALL the Problems we had with technology the only time the reception was CRYSTAL CLEAR and the screen went HD was when the ENTIRE first presidency spoke during the Priesthood session of conference! WOW WHAT A MIRACLE! We were jumping up and down in our seats like little kids! lol

I AM 100% FINE MOM STOP WORRYING lol There is nothing you can do but pray for my companion. I am growing up. I have to face challenges by myself. You can´t keep taking all my problems on you. You´ll just end up not sleeping at night. It is why I am here. To be tried and to be tested. It is the only possible way I will ever grow. Through it I have grown much closer to my Savior. Please stop worrying. Just say to yourself ¨It has to happen, he needs to grow¨ And all will be well!

Impromptu Birthday Celebration

Celebrating my Birthday... This is the house of hermana Charo.. I woke up at 2:30 (I was sick) to a phone call from Hermano Kelvin and Charo asking me what I was doing at 7.. I told them trying to contact.. THEY TOLD ME NO WAY... We made cake and they forced me to celebrate my birthday with a bunch of the members.... We had fun :)

It was a class!! and I made Hamburgers with Belkis to celebrate.. If I am spending too much money please let me know... And Definitely NOT THROWING UP!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO lol Belkis is the name of our investigator... They have REALLY weird names here lol... yea It is a key to baptisms actually.. Have a Barbeque and suddenly you have 10 new investigators!! HAHAHAHAHA


That´s what dominicans love... Food and Dominos... WHICH I AM A BEAST AT NOW! BE WARNED MOM. BE WARNED DAD. BE WARNED PUERTO RICO. I AM COMING. T minus 14 months LOL
Dominicans can finish a round of domino's 200 points in less than 10 minutes.... I AM COMING. BE AFRAID. HAHAHA 
Have a great week guys HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!! Remind Glorianne about the list of movies I have to watch!!!!!! My comp told me some amazing ones came out LOL Ok Talk to you next week! Tell grandpa he has an email waiting for him. I will keep Aunt Cindy in my prayers! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HURRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) MAKING PANCAKES TOMORROW!! Love you all!!!!!!!!!

Elder Hefner

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