Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Blaring music and a place to reside

Me and my comp had to eat ALL this Spaghetti by ourselves.... FOUR PLATES EACH PILED HIGH... I can´t tell you how hard I was praying by plate number three...So grateful for the food...

A message to his future niece

So Elder Hefner send a message for me to read as a surprise to his sister during her baby shower. I created a PowerPoint with it. This is the message and Elder Hefner's response to the PowerPoint.

MOM!!!!!!! WOW THAT SLIDE SHOW MADE ME BAWL LIKE AN IDIOT!!! lol That is awesome... who all was there?? and did she know it was from me initially?? 

The church day of service cleaning up a school! No such things as lawn mowers here so we just all used machetes... I will never complain about mowing the lawn again lol

A place where he can reside

I got the Halloween box.Thank you so much! The CHRIST WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! My companion tried convincing me to give it to him HAHAHAHA. Thank you for the shirt too! I just got it a few days ago... BUT GUESS WHAT! We have 3 people with a date and they are progressing AMAZINGLY!!!!! :D 12 of December and the 19th!
My best friend in Barrio D´ Clase. Her name is Lucy and she follows us and preachs in all the lessons too hahaha

Gave this Future Missionary one of my favorite blue ties... He´s a Recent convert who is starting his papers!

OH!!! Let me tell you about a very special lesson I had..: Truly a first of a kind.. 
Ok so i walked into a less actives house. I have been working with her SINCE JULY... But as I walked up with Gregorio (Member, we were on splits because we don´t have enough time to teach everyone....) SO we walked into her house and the Colmado behind her house was blaring music... her dad was blaring music with a huge speaker and everyone was yelling... It was my first time visiting her in almost a month and a half... I remember thinking it is going to be IMPOSSIBLE to teach... When We sat down I had a feeling we HAD to share and honestly I just trusted the Spirit and went for it. The Spirit filled my heart and I remember that I completely drowned out the music and EVERYTHING and so did my Less active. She began to tear up as I opened my scriptures directly to a scripture in 3 Nefi 27. She read and her eyes got wide and she said ¨Wow... So that´s what I have to do¨ I told her as a representative of Jesus Christ I KNEW that Satan was attacking from every side but that SHE had to stand in holy places and be not moved, She had to be the reason the Spirit could be in the house. I testified of her divine worth as a daughter of God and that she had so much potential she could hardly even imagine it. I can´t describe to you how strongly the Spirit came just for those few moments. After the closing prayer as soon as she said amen the music came flooding back into the house and she sighed... But she knew it was the truth. Sometimes in order to have the Spirit we feel we need to go to the Temple and do several other things... but for the People who literally can´t (Like the Missionaries) We are called to be Temples of the Holy Ghost, A place where he can reside ALWAYS no matter where we are called to go or do.

The new Gringa in our District!! Hermana Seamons from Preston, Idaho ¨La Tierra de la papa¨ The land of potatoes.

HEY I G2G!!!  I AM LATE!!! BUT I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys so much!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!! Talk to you next week!!!!

Elder Hefner
The Gorgeous sunset in this paradise I call home :)

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