Wednesday, November 11, 2015


We got lost in the mountains trying to find an investigators house BUT we found this amazing plateau with lots of room to take pictures! WOW you can see EVERYTHING from here!


We had a late ward activity and felt we had to stay it out even though the walk home was about 4 Kilometers and it was 9:20 when we left... THE LORD PROVIDED. As we walked, I stuck my thumb out asking for a ride and this MASSIVE Semi Truck passed and honked... Then he stops ahead of us to buy some lunch before his 4 hour drive to Santo Domingo. He then yells out ¨HEY WHERE YA HEADED?!¨ We told him home and he stopped the semi (And ALL of Traffic) and let the Mormons mount up. We got home on time and that man I am sure will receive many blessings...Lol he passed us twice and on the third time he stopped... We didn't have time to preach much but we left him a card and a photo of Christ for his Semi! lol

After many trials comes the blessings

I am doing Fantastic!!! We have a baptismal date for Alex and Jenny! We taught them with a member from the Stake Presidency and they accepted a date to be baptized! We talked about the Atonement... Alex cried during the lesson as we told him he could be forgiven of his sins through Baptism.. I then shared my testimony and in reality the Spirit filled that little space.Their date is the 19th of December just because they have to get married first Angelica accepted as well and has a date for the 5th of December and now her younger brother is actively taking the lessons and has invited his friend to listen as well. Our other investigators Mosies y Ibelisis han dicho algo INCREIBLE. Fueron antiguo investigadors pero yo sentia que tenemos que regresar y enseñar a ellos. Fueron a la Capilla domingo y en el sigiuente leccion mosies nos dijo ¨Elderes de verdad yo sentia TAN BUENO en la Iglesia y yo estaba leyendo El libro de Mormon y con todo yo siento que ese es La Iglesia Verdadera de Dios en el Mundo¨ Estamos regresando para poner La Fecha Bautismal Viernes... QUE MILAGROS HEMOS VISTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
(They have said something incredible . They were old investigators but I felt that we have to go back and teach to them. They went to the chapel on Sunday and Moises said "really elders, I felt so good in the Church and I was reading the Book of Mormon and all- I believe that this is the true Church of God in the world. We are going back to set the baptismal date Friday ...  WHAT MIRACLES WE HAVE SEEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I love you guys... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK WITH THE GENEALOGY!!! :) Ok I have to go... YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!! Love you both send dad my love please! Talk to you next week!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Elder Hefner 

Our last District photo...
OH AND WE HAVE MOSQUITO NETS FINALLY!!!! That means we are sleeping in peace and ¨Feliz¨ Happy:)

The one sleeping is because we had walked about 14 Kilometers that day and were pretty beat in our last lesson of the night lol

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