Sunday, January 17, 2016

Christmas, New Year's and Three Kings Day

Building the house on Christmas... 

We had something AMAZING happen on Sunday! :D

We have found like 8 new families to teach! Ok so we are working with a less active family who hasn't come to church in years...Well every time we went over we never had a plan on what to teach and just kinda went with the Spirit... Well the last time we went over was Friday before church. They weren't planned but as we sat down I received the clear impression that we had to talk about being examples and use 3 Nefi 12... Which btw is  one the favorite scriptures of Sister Rowland. We began to talk and told them they HAD to put an example for their old daughter who was going to serve a mission. Then I talked about dad and the Powerful example he set for me. The next Sunday they were at church! And then the miracle was that it was fast and testimony meeting and now one got up to share for a good 3 minutes. Bishop got up and invited this family to share their testimonies as a pair FROM THE PULPIT saying that we haven´t seen them in church in awhile and he was overjoyed to see them. The brother got up and said ¨Brothers and Sisters it´s time for me to be an example especially for my oldest daughter¨ He then looked right at me and smiled. The whole congregation was in tears. He then shared a very simple but sweet testimony as well as his wife.

Our Christmas dinner with Bishop and his family...
Our Christmas tree... TINY BUT MIGHTY lol
SO that cord you see tied to the bucket is the bracelet mom sent me.. IT´S REALLY STRONG Parachute cord that is strong enough to lift up 5 gallons of water from our ¨Well¨ .. It didn't fit my wrist anyways lol It was 3 sizes to small hahaha. 

 Me with Elder Memmot and Hermana Hernandez...My new area...

About New Year's

Ummm we went to bed early and preached the whole day?... lol and I am celebrating in the bathroom LOL They are having me go see a gastroenterologist this week... I got sick again. It´s honestly a miracle that I am even writing you right now lol And we should have water by the end of the week!!!!!

Three Kings Day]

The children welcoming the Three Kings

We have another family that is AMAZING!!!! They should get baptized next month! :) The Spirit is always super strong and they both are listening and reading and praying!!! The wife came to church only after going over twice and the husband is going to come this Sunday!! Wow I can´t explain how strong the Spirit is every time we are there!
But Hey i g2g I will write more next week when i am not sick! :) HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!
I LOVE YOU!!! Check out the email I just sent you of the CLASSIC Hefner Flex!!! lol
Elder Hefner

INSPIRATION TO GO HIT THE GYM!!!! Me doing the classic ¨Tim W Hefner Flex¨ at a ROUGH Service project digging the foundation for a house!!

 ¨COW! ... ANOTHER COW.. I am pretty sure that was the same one.. WE GOT COWS!!!¨ lol


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