Friday, January 1, 2016

The meaning of $40 dollars

MERRY CHRISTmas TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Elder Hefner y Santa Clause (AKA Elder Lester) 

I am making it... Really I am fighting to keep going.. This week I went to Santo Domingo.. That was a huge Stress Reliever... We met a group of Puerto Ricans who are here helping out! They are from the University of Puerto Rico! We are going to build a house with them Christmas Morning!!!! We are building a house for a 100 year old lady on Christmas with the Puerto Ricans so I am pretty excited!!!

My new companion Step Kid Elder Pickett!            I'M A CITIZEN!! (Look at expiration date)     

So Grateful for $40...

Ok Soooooo I am grateful for the 40 Dollars grandma and grandpa sent... We aren't going golfing with it. I gave it to Alex and Jenny. Alex got laid off of his construction job right before  Christmas... They live in an all concrete stone house smaller than the size of our Kitchen at home.. Literally. They have had no money for milk for their two babies but still have done everything possible to keep the faith. They read the Book of Mormon twice a day and have assisted faithfully EVERY Sunday ... Even though it means walking an hour to church carrying two babies in their arms. I am pretty sure I have already told you how I found them by guidance of the Spirit... BUT They have reawakened the ward in Esperanza.. The ward is helping pay to get them their papers and me and Elder Torres are putting in the rest. It costs 70 dollars to get married and because of Grandma and Grandpa´s gift to them it will only cost 30 dollars for my companion to help out ! They should be getting baptized within a week... The incredible part is that they already asked when they should start paying tithing. I finally understand what it means when the Widow throws her last mite into the Treasury... I am sure the Windows of Heaven are just waiting to pour out blessings on Alex and Jenny.

My group form the CCM!!! THE BOYS ARE BACK!!!  In front of the Immigration Building... TALK ABOUT A NICE VIEW!

Zone Christmas Celebration

IT WAS SO GREAT!!! All the zones performed something(we did  drama and sang the cup song but using hark the herald angels sing and  Angels we have heard on high).. and we watched a Christmas Carol.. (Kind of creepy the new one) and ate AN AMERICAN/DOMINCAN FEAST!!!

My Ex-District!


Elder Hefner

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  1. Hang in there, Elder Hefner! We're praying for you! You are a powerful force for good, for the Church of Jesus Christ!