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Us together on the canal for water that supplies a good portion of the area with water!

YES! Thanks for that.. I needed the Spiritual uplift... BUT WOW WE HAVE HAD A GREAT WEEK!!!! And please don´t worry about me being tired.. If I wasn't tired I would be worried. Being tired just means I am doing my job right and serving with all my ¨Heart might mind and strength...¨ 
I am in the stake of my first area so HERE IS LUIS!!! MY first baptisim!! HE AND HIS WIFE ARE GETTING SEALED IN FEBRUARY AND INVITED ME TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Another Baptism is Pricel!! She´s still going strong and thinking about serving a mission! :D

SO I am using my gift of cooking in the mission work now!!! It has helped A LOT with Less actives! I am making brownies for every less active family we have and doing Family home evenings with them... The last one we did the Father of the family who is incredibly less active ended up in tears saying sorry that he wasn't a strong member like he used to be but that he wanted to go to church this Sunday...! 
Our bishop making food for about 400 people...
Cooking for my companion... He was really happy he has a companion who can cook :D
The worlds biggest Pilon!


So before the mission we had a chance to talk with President Hoglund in the Sealing room... There he impressed an eternal truth upon my soul, well in reality fueron dos. (Well in reality it was two) El primero es no sea el misionero de 6:35... (The first is that I would not be the 6:35 missionary) (Note from mom: Missionaries start their day at 6:30 am) El segundo es la importancia del Garment de Dios... (the second is the importance of the garment of God) Entonces yo he tratado a cuidar mis garments lo mejor possible durante TODO mi mision. (I have tried of take care of my garments the best way possible during my mission) NO dejandoles en el piso.. (never leaving them of the floor) Bueno ahora en este area tenemos que reusar nuestro ropa dos or tres veces durante la semana. (Well in this area we have to reuse our clothes 2 or 3 times a week) (Note from mom: His new area barely has water...sometimes they are a week without water and the electricity is often gone...the water they have in a 55 gallon and they use 20 cups of water to bathe themselves every other day and the rest is to flush the toilet) PERO Yo prometi El Señor que no reusare mis garments! (But I promised Heavenly Father that I would not reuse my garments) Entonces hace 3 dias yo tenia tomar una decision y reze. (so the last 3 days I had to make a decision and I prayed)  La lavadora estaba haciendo vueltas y yo sali el baño donde esta la lavadora... (all of the sudden the washer was working and I got out of the bathroom) Y mi compaéro salio nuestro habitacion y me pregunto... Compa! Estas lavando?! y yo dije que si... (My companion got out of the room  and asked if I was washing and I said yes) Me dijo... Compa pero no ay electricidad... (he said, "Compa" there is no electricity...) Y seguro NO HABIA LUZ... (And right on THERE WAS NO ELECTRICITY) Y atras escuchamos la lavadora funcionando... (and we could hear the washer working in the backyard) Nosotros dos miramos al cielo solo sin palabras porque tenemos un inversor pero no esta connectado a esto lado de la casa y tampoco tiene la fuerza para dar a luz a la lavadora... (We both looked to the sky without words for we have a small generator but it is in the other side of the house and it is not strong enough to power a washer) En la noche yo regrese a casa y sin luz otra vez trataba a lavar mis camisas y no funcionaba!!!! (At night we came back home and there was still no electricity and I tried to wash my shirts and the washer did not work) Pero nuestro vecina nos consigio sufficiente agua para la semana cuando estababmos predicando!!!! ( Our neighbor found us enough water for the week while we were preaching) QUE MILAGROS (WHAT MIRACLES) Tambien tenemos 6 nuevos familias... (We also have 6 new families) El mas deficil la prueba el mas grande la bendicion!!! (The harder the trial the bigger the blessing!!!!)
I AM SO SORRY!!! I WROTE THAT WHOLE THING IN SPANISH!!!! It´s because I just wrote someone in Spanish too!!! SORRY MOM you need to translate... lol

No se cada vez cuando estoy cocinando para muchos y puedo ver muchos feliz es algo increible para mi.. (I don't know every time I cook for many and can see their happiness, it is something incredibel for me.) Y despues cuando invitamos el Espiritu estar en el hogar es la perfecta combinacion... (And then when we invite the Spirit to the home it is the perfect combination...)La gente sienten nuestro amor y despues el amor de El quien etamos representando... (The people feel our love and the the love of HIM who we are representing)
Elder Stanisclause from my group!                Elder Faalogo! ... You can´t imagine how much this Elder Eats...

Lilly's blessing

Si estaba orando para ustedes... Y mi cancion fue muy bueno.. WOW EL ESPIRITU FUE FUERTE!!! Fue La Oracion del Profeta... Yo creo que estaba cantando en casi lo mismo timepo que la bendicion. (I was praying for you guys and my song was great. WOW THE SPIRIT WAS REALLY STRONG!!! It was the prophet's prayer... I believe I was singing at the same time Lilly was being blessed. )
I forget what it´s called in English but it´s about the first vision of the prophet... lol Starts with ¨Oh how lovely was the morning¨ Or something like that... The hymns are better in Spanish lol

New Year's and health

Well I say to you both to knock it off and start eating right! That´s what I am doing and I have lost a ton of weight! DO IT WITH ME ! SO WE CAN ALL LOOK AMAZING FOR THE CRUISE!!! I am doing 100 crunches a day intermixed with weighted work out routines! GET IN SHAPE TOO... Because honestly some of the people we are going to visit here are hard to get too and a car cant go and visit the house we HAVE to walk so if you guys aren´t in good shape it is going to REALLY be hard.. I am talking about REAL mountains...our goal of getting in shape.. Honestly I am dead serious... IN order to visit the people here you have to be in good shape..... So GET TO WORK!!!! Alright by mothers day I expect you to lose 30 lbs.... What is your plan to get there? In the Mission we always have goals and plans and that goal is COMPLETELY possible... Sound good? GOOD! :) Ok if I don´t see a difference mother´s day YOU ARE IN TROUBLE!!!! FOCUS ON YOU AND DAD!!!
GREAT!!! Love you guys!!!! Talk to you soon!!!

Elder Hefner

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