Sunday, June 19, 2016

Transported back several years to when I was 13 or 14

So in the states you have to worry about the dogs getting into your trash... Here is giant herds of cows... After destroying our neighbor's trash they came for ours which resulted in me chasing a bunch of cows down the street... lol 

Hey Pops... so glad Tanden is going on a mission...My favorite memory was when I was driving with him stopped at a light on OBT. He looked over to me and said " I may make mistakes sometimes but I really do want to serve a mission because I know the Church is true" ... That moment was a great one for me. He will be a great missionary. He has a solid testimony. Thanks for the encouragement, I am trying to keep going with all I have. WE HAD 6 people show up to church on Sunday! We have been praying fervently for them!!! I am glad the Lord is giving you something different. You have done a great job as the High Priest Group Leader. If you can please pray for my investigators especially one named Cristian... That is so his heart softens... Thanks pops love ya


And this is my face when i realize that I haven't taken any pictures for mom this week 2 mins before leaving for the Internet Center.... LOL

Hey mom! Yea your right... LOL I don't feel the hottest but I am still going strong. I can no longer eat anything that has milk or cheese or anything like that and now most fruits are prohibited .... It's a very hard diet for a missionary.... I am living off of bread AND the Bread of Life... LOL Don't worry I found Lactose free milk here and am just going hard on Lactose free milk and Cocoa Krispies... LOL
The Lord has a way of helping so that my sickness doesn't get in the way of my proselyting time. I have been working a lot of Building my Spiritual confidence and it has been working wonders... I knew Kenai would be fine. I have found myself missing him more and more. First thing I might do after I get released is go for a swim with him in the pool. lol If you want I can share a message with the blog? OH ALSO BIG NEWS. PDAYS ARE CHANGING TO MONDAY STARTING MONDAY!!! This is my last PDAY on Wednesday...... 

The other day I was sitting in a Noche de Rancho ( It's like Family home evening but with 2 or 3 familes and investigators!) and the subject was prayer. We watched a Mormon message by President Monson and immediately I was transported back several years to when I was 13 or 14. I had not thought about that day for a VERY long time. We had something very scary happen to our family. While my sisters and I were alone at home Winds began to pick up and an incredible storm full of hail and downpour water began.... Now being from Florida we are used to these type of conditions. The only problem was that is began to increase in Intensity. At that point we were able to see a Funnel Cloud begin to form above our neighborhood area. The Three of us immediately went to where we called " The Hurricane Closet"... Now being the only guy in the house I didn't want to look scared, especially for my youngest sister who was crying because of fear. At that moment I remember saying one of my first REALLY SINCERE prayers. It wasn't out loud and it wasn't elaborate or beautiful. It was very few words consisting of " God Please save us and my parents." We knew Our parents were on the way back home and were DRIVING in those conditions. In the words of my mom " We couldn't even see the road, I have no idea how we made it home." As they arrived home our hope was rekindled as we saw the lights from the jeep flash across the front window... very shortly afterward the storm dissipated. Prayer works. It Really does.  


Elder Hefner

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