Sunday, June 26, 2016

True Greatness - The Story of the Flat Tire


HAPPY FATHERS DAY POPS!!!!!!! It's pretty funny... This week I shared our story twice about going to conference to help out struggling families who had disobedient youth. It truly brought the Spirit. They could truly see the love we have as Father and Son. We had a great week this week.... We had a man show up to church named Saul... We are pretty sure he is going to be baptized... And 2 of our Investigators have read in the Book of Mormon up until Mosiah!!!!!!! I AM SO STOKED...  I am still in the Mission zone 24/7. We are contacting A LOT and finding SEVERAL families. I am glad they called you to the Sunday School Presidency. TRUST ME. SUNDAY SCHOOL MAKES OR BREAKS SUNDAYS. What our Investigators remember most about Sunday is the classes. When they are good EVERYONE leaves so Spiritually uplifted. When they are just the teacher talking the whole time it's worse than Trigonometry zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... lol I am TRULY understanding the Atonement to a whole other level right now... I can't believe how close I feel to the Savior now... I hope all will be well this week... Love you dad

Elder Hefner

SOOO my old comp stopped by!!! SURPRISE!!!!! It was good to see " Elder" Suero again... 

 OK ANYWAYS I AM DOING FANTASTIC!!!!! lol We have seen a lot of good results this past week!!! Well this week we had a class In Elders Quorum about " True Greatness" it was ALL ABOUT SERVICE. That's when a great memory came to my mind that I haven't thought about in A WHILE. One day on the way to work at Disney I was driving and saw an older gentleman with a flat tire... I stopped and offered to fix it for him... I figured why not? I had a ton of time anyways... So I stopped and he gratefully accepted. I left and went on my way as if nothing even happened. When I got to work one of my friends Jim ( Names changed) stopped me before I clocked in and said HEY I saw you on the side of the road and already told the leaders what you were doing just in case you are late!! I said thanks even though I still had a ton of time until I clocked in. Later on I found my self in a working bay with Jim working side by side for 45 minutes. He immediately asked about the mission I was going to serve and asked for an explanation about "Mormon" beliefs... I gladly explained and was happy for the missionary moment!... Turns out that word got around of the act and "Jill" Also found me and began to ask A TON of questions about my mission and the church... It turned out she told me to sit with her after work (2200) and explain her everything... Word of my mission continued to spread and one by one people of all ages began to ask me questions. My favorite was when "Jake" Asked me right in the middle of directing a hundred people " Hey Tim I know about your mission and everything... I was born on your churches ranch actually and went to church with my friend a couple of times as a kid... But I have a sincere question... Who is Jospeh Smith and what's so special about him?" It was incredible to see how ONE ACT of kindness began a MISSIONARY WILDFIRE. I testify of the Saviors when he said that they "Shall see our good works and glorify our Father who is in Heaven".... After all the Scriptures say that through small and simple things.. We will see miracles. 

I cook for them everyday but my one day off ( PDAY) They begged for Fired Burritos and then almost literally fought over the last two... lol 

THE MEMBERS HAVE SUCH CONFIDENCE IN US NOW! Before the area was dead but now we are seeing some real progress!!! Thanks for asking... The Bishop even called a special meeting on Sunday to talk about missionary work .. The first counselor said " WE finally have 4 good missionaries who want to work... LET'S USE THEM GUYS!!!" LOL We set up alot of intercambios.. " Exchanges". Hey I have to go soon... My Pday is over... I love you!!! Thanks for everything!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!! LOVE YOU MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Hefner

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