Saturday, June 4, 2016

Only a shoeshine

Me and my son... REUNITED!!!

Only a shoe shiner

As I passed down a very dirty street I saw a man round the corner. He seemed to be very poor. In his hand he carried a shoe shiners box, a little seat to sit on and a wooden home made cross with a pink rosary on it. I saw him and immediately felt a strong impression to have him shine my shoes. I called the man over. He crossed the street with a lot of enthusiasm and sat down. He said " Shoe" out of routine to put my shoe on his box. He went to work cleaning my already decently clean shoes. I began a casual conversation and could learn that he was a little bit slower than most people. I then asked and " What about your wife?" ... It was at that point he finally looked up to me. I saw years of tiredness in his eyes as he told me that his wife and 18 year old daughter died 6 years ago in an accident. He told me that he's been cleaning shoes for 33 years. (Their are no schools in the campo where he is from so he has no formal education more than likely.) He then asked.. " Are my wife and daughter in paradise?" At that point whatever pride I had left broke. I knelt down in the dirt at his side and told him about a Plan that our Father in Heaven has for us and that he could one day he could be with his wife forever. He looked at me as if he didn't understand and I explained about the Resurrection and heaven. He instantly smiled and stood up. He left in a hurry but before he left we were able to give him a plan of salvation pamphlet... I looked up at the dark skies that were about to hit and saw his tattered clothes. I then looked at the new jacket my mom had sent me and the umbrella in my hand. I quickly called him back and gave him my umbrella. He showed a lot of gratitude and took off running. I have no idea If I will ever see that man again. But this shoe shiner taught me an incredible lesson that day. In another life I would have kept walking and thought " He's only a shoe shiner" but thanks to this incredible mission I have been called to serve I can now say " He is only my brother, also a  Son of God " 

Elder Hefner

And we 3 are in the same zone but Elder White,myself and Elder Henze all started our missions in Cristo Rey... WHAT A COINCIDENCE! haha


Hey mom... SO I saw the doctor and he thinks that all the bacteria in my gut and colon are just completely messed up and that my intestines are completely inflamed from all the sicknesses and medicines I have had. President Castillo just wrote me and he wants to have a special meeting with me to talk about my health... he says he is pretty concerned. I told him that I was willing to meet and that I still wanted to continue serving no matter what. Yes I have left to work everyday. I haven't stopped mom. I just wrote him right now. I don't have much time left. Just know I love the quote form 2 conferences ago that says " Come what may and LOVE IT" It truly has become my motto as well. Hurrah for Israel. Until next week! Love you

Elder Hefner

Hey pops...I AM ALIVE! lol Thanks for praying for me so much... I have felt your prayers. I am not 100% but I am strong enough to keep going. I am not sure for how much more time they are going to permit me to keep going but I want to go as along as possible. It has been on my mind lately that President might force me to go home. I have been trying to serve as if Everyday was my last in the mission. The results have paid off... For the first time in 5 weeks we had invesigators at church... AND NOT ONLY ONE BUT 5!!! I never knew how far my limits were until I came out on a mission. My feet are inflamed and my knees kill. I have been sick in my stomach for almost 18 months and my strength is not the greatest. I hope the Lord has accepted the offering I have given him. I pray I am permitted to keep going but If not I know that I have given it all to the Lord. I love this work. I love this Gospel. It has changed me so profoundly that I am a new man. Thank you for all your prayers truly. I have felt them keep pushing me even when I didn't think I could keep going. Love you

Elder Hefner

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