Tuesday, July 12, 2016



Hey Mom!!! Yea I heard about Disney Springs before I left!! YOU ALL LOOK GREAT!!!! Me and my companion are getting along AMAZINGLY! I am really hoping they leave us together for another transfer! "S" is doing good! We had an Incredible cita (appointment). I went on Intercambios (Exchanges) with the Elders Quorum President... He has the exact same life story as "S".. SO NOW "S" is inviting his wife (She's Separated from him) and their SIX KIDS TO LISTEN! HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!!! I really have felt the difference as I have focused on getting lost in the Work... The Key to getting lost in the work is charity.. and charity is the key to attaining and MAINTAINING Priesthood Power (Along with being Virtuous) . All is well right now. The Lord is giving me sufficient strength to keep loving the mission and continue on! :)

FOR 6 lbs of ribs and all that food it was only 30 dollars... TALK ABOUT AWESOME!!!

Also I need to start thinking about School... Really need to get my FAFSA Done....

Probably Valencia and then UCF... I have 3 years without Studying... It may take me a semester to get back into the Swing of things.... hahaha Hey I have to go though. I love you both SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HURRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk to you all next week!!!!!! HAZ TU LO JUSTO!!!! Remember who you are!! :) BE that one family in the ward that every Missionary loves!!!

Elder Hefner

This is also the Bag of Elder Hefner ! hahaha 

This is our District and the 2 zones

So we had a giant barbecue! I MADE RIBS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ALMOST 2 YEARS....  I ended up cooking for almost 2 zones even though it was a "Bring your own meat and cook!" type of thing... District Framboyanes ate the best though... Potato Salad, Ribs, WATERMELON!!!, GRAPES, and DORITOS... It was so GOOD! To Quote Elder Tucker who goes home in 9 days... " That was the best meat I have eaten In 2 years..." LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

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