Monday, July 4, 2016


WE FINALLY have someone with a date for baptism. We have been fighting for 3 months to find someone. His name is Saul! The other day I got a little sick again and didn't know If I could make the walk to church. As I was sick The Spirit brought a distinct memory to my mind. The 2nd time my Mission President wanted to send me home, The Lord sent a Member of the 70 to my ward building and I was guided to ask him for a blessing. He happily accepted. He Didn't bless me to be healed but said " I bless you with enough strength to end your mission successfully and with honor." As I was bent over sick the Spirit POWERFULLY brought the words to my mind and said "DO YOU BELIEVE IT OR NOT?" I got up in that moment and left the house as fast as possible. During the 15 minute walk I sang hymns to take my mind off of it and RIGHT AS we crossed in front of the hospital a Haitian young man in a Doctors uniform turned the corner at THE EXACT SAME TIME AS US and began walking by our side. THE COOL PART WAS THAT IT WAS IN ENGLISH!!! He told us his name and said his family was Mormon and read to him often out of the pages of "The Mormon Bible" and that he really wanted us to come by and teach... He then took the long way home to continue to speak with us until we were in front of the chapel. He wanted to go to church right then and there but an urgent situation came up so he gave us all his information and told us to stop by... IT WAS INCREDIBLE!

We have been having blackouts lately so this is us planning... Going back to the times of Grandpa Hefner LOL

I have to get off now... I am sorry it was so short today.. Next Monday will be longer!!! I will be buying a little bit of food next Monday... FAIR WARNING! lol I am really grateful too you both. I can't tell you how much I love you. It's time to give it my all for the next 4 and 1/2 months. We as a family will cross the finish line together hand in hand. A Mission is a family affair. As you pray for me, I pray for you and as that happens we go from Earthly love into a more Celestial sphere of love and trust. HURRAH FOR ISRAEL. Hoy, Manana, y Siempre (Today, Tomorrow and Always)

Elder Hefner 
Btw I have seen Abuelos name 4x's this week!!!


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