Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hey Elder Hefner. Is the Mission tough?

They really wanted to take district photos... 

Well during our last zone meeting my Companion Elder Gomez got up and the first thing he said was " I am so grateful for my time here in La Vega I have learned so much this transfer from Elder Hefner"... it filled my heart to the brim. 
My last picture with Elder Gomez... He got transferred and moved up to District leader in Esperanza!! It was my 1st time in the field being district leader in that same area for 6 months! PRAY HE CAN WITHSTAND THE HEAT!
I hit kind of a low point this week. I was just so INCREDIBLY tired and my new companion needs a lot of love. One morning I went to my suitcase and felt as though I should go through the Old letters I have received. I opened one I got from the Young Men from Kissimmee and it was from Matthew Strickland. It was very short and all it said was " Hey Elder Hefner. Is the Mission tough? I hope it  strengthens your testimony. Stay Strong." The minute I read those inspired words the Spirit touched my heart and I began to weep. It's funny who the Lord uses to fulfill his will and show his love. I walked around the rest of the week with that letter clipped in my name tag.. We have several people who are progressing. We had a new family come to church this week as well!!!
My zone before transfers

And my Companion is very special.. he is a recent convert to the church... He Was baptized in 2014 waited exactly a year and then came out into the mission. He has 9 months. President sent him here so that I could help him out and so that I could learn more charity. He reminds me a lot of Mary... LIKE A LOT. BUT he loves to clean so the house is always spotless! hahaha
My new companion! Elder Moran from El Salvador... needless to say I won't be speaking English anytime soon LOL ...Love this guy...

Let Eggy stay as long as he needs... even until after I get back. I WILL GLADLY TAKE THE COUCH! That't one thing that I love about Dominicans... they ALWAYS invite people in and are willing to give THEIR LAST PESO to give food and clothing and a room to others. It is INCREDIBLE the amount of love they have... THEY even make Extra food just in case a neighbor comes by when they are eating because they would feel bad if he went without.. and a neighbor ALWAYS comes... I am really glad he is staying in my room... 

Hey i have to go though... I love you a ton.. HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!! Make it a great week! Make sure to pray fervently. We can't force anyone to feel the spirit but we can pray that their hearts will soften and open. Love you Both with all of my heart. GO BE MISSIONARIES! Tell dad that even though he took off his tag awhile ago he will forever have the responsibility of Preaching the Gospel. YOU MOM are his eternal companion that will bring a STRONG second witness and testimony to the things he knows and has learned and will pierce hearts as only Sister Missionaries/members can do. Work in a team and with a Spirit of Unity and the Spirit CAN NOT be restrained. Miracles will happen. This is the only true church of Christ upon the face of the earth. Remember that. Dad holds the same power with which worlds were made and holds THE DUTY of Preaching the Gospel as a High Priest in the Holy Priesthood. I have the utmost confidence in you both and in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is our Master, our Brother, and our Exemplar. All my Love, 
Elder Hefner

Also Hermana Zegarra went home! It's scary to think all these sister who I came into the field with are ending... 4 MONTHS LEFT 0_o

.Made Fried burritos for the last time as a district!

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