Monday, July 13, 2015

New House Service and New House for US!!!

Giving Service!!! Building a house! We were preparing the  foundation..They don't have machines here.... lol This is one reason your son is losing weight so fast! lol

New house!

 No, I didn't get transferred I am here still... This is about 6 and a half months in Cristo Rey  and I love it!!! I will probably only  get to live in the new house(BTW we are so blessed!!!!!) for another week  because I am the Oldest one in the area so to speak and everyone says I am getting transferred... To me it isn't that big of a deal but I feel like there is still more work to do in Cristo Rey! 

We are at a new internet center and It has many problems... I am sorry...It took me 20 mins just to sign on to my email lol  I think I will find a new place to write next time... IDK if I am getting transferred next P-DAY so it is a possibility that I won´t be able to write and I will have to write on Thursday... I am sitting in this internet center without AC Using a COMPAQ Computer that is the same model as THE FIRST HOME COMPUTER with a keyboard from 2001. I have had to switch machines 3 times. UGH!!

Thank you for all you are doing and sending... I really feel spoiled with all you guys send...Hey I need to go soon... I am sorry I couldn't send anything this week... I really tried but every time I did it got erased...

lol i have to go... Love you both a ton!!! Talk to you next week!!

 Also eating with the zone in  wendys!! 

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