Monday, July 13, 2015


We helped this family find a dead rat!
Check out the ladder I used!!! HAHAHAHAHA the funny thing was we watched Facing the Giants with this family before so we all had a really good laugh!! Talk about a Giant rat!!!

¨To who much is given, much is required¨

We have about 25 investigators and over 30 less actives... We haven´t stopped... BUT WE are going strong... your son has turned into a bold missionary. If the members of the ward aren' t doing there part the missionaries can´t bring more people to Zion. It is the same as if The ward is a boat and the people missing and the callings not being fulfilled are holes. What good does it do bringing more people into a sinking ship? How do they expect us to retain recent converts if they don´t give them callings or at least FELLOWSHIP THEM. To prove what has been said, That night we sat in a lesson with a once strong member of the Church. She said ¨Elders with all respect you guys are awesome but you shouldn't be the ones here.¨ .... Talk about an ow... Brothers and Sisters as members of the Church you affect the blessings received. A law as been irrevocably decreed in Heaven before the Foundation of this world. THERE we promised that we wouldn't let our beloved brothers and sisters fall into forbidden paths. We would do EVERYTHING possible to find them and bring the lost sheep home. If we are not we WILL NOT be found Spotless before our Savior at the last day and we will ask ¨ whose blood is this on my garments?¨ and THERE we will be shown all those who could have been saved if only we had put the things of the Lord first before the things of the World. I testify that Jesus the Christ lives and that this is his work. If we are not doing his work we are not fit to carry the title Disciple. To be a disciple means we have to walk the path. This week I have rolled the same ankle three times. There were days where I thought I couldn't leave but everyday I left and saw miracles. Christ walked some-odd 80 kms JUST TO BE BAPTIZED BY JOHN THE BAPTIST. If we want to be disciples we must not just Hold on to the Iron Rod we must WALK along the path as well. Through the Mist of Darkness and through the ugly parts of this life. We have been given THE KEYS TO ETERNAL LIFE, yea even the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Baptism. ¨To who much is given, much is required¨ Let us walk. Let us go to work. There are people waiting and hearts yearning for this gospel. It is time to lift up the broken hands. It is time to comfort those who stand in need of comfort. If any of you have thought of one person In particular while reading this, leave right now and GO TO THEM if anything at least CALL THEM. They are ready to return to the fold. I love you all and I know this to be our call. We have not just been called to serve, we should not need a reminder to do our duty. We are all children of God with a Divine Birthright. We have been Born to Serve our fellow brother and in doing so Ultimately we will be serving our Beloved Father in Heaven(Mosiah 2:17). In the Sacred name of our Lord, Savior and Eternal Friend Jesus the Christ. Amen.  Elder Hefner
Me with best friends Elder Christensen and Elder Taylor

Getting Dental work done free...: AT THE BEACH!!! lol It was a great day! I went to get a free check up and check to see if i had 10000 cavities again and the doctor laid me down on the church tables we used as dental chairs and said my teeth were perfect and that I didn't even need a cleaning! BLESSINGS OF THE MISSION #PowerofthePlaque

Some of the families we are teaching!! We have about 25 investigators and over 30 less actives...

Playing Paintball

Me with Elder Christensen at paintball!!!

A message to us

I love you guys! Please tell dad that I am sorry I couldn't write but let him know I was incredibly blessed by the 5 page note he wrote and put into one of my packages! It really helped me today and the Lord led me too it! Also that his example has led me EVERYDAY on this mission. Mom you really can´t fathom how much respect I have for my dad. You married the best man I have ever known on this planet. Patriarch Gasque wrote me talking about the two of you and the example you are putting as a family. I could not be more proud to call you both my parents. I love you both SO MUCH. There is a very special reason that my Patriarchal blessing says my parents will never lead me astray. KEEP WORKING AND PREACHING! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!! Love you!
Elder Timmy A. Hefner

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