Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Promptings...Never second guess them...Transfer

That pig is going to die in 15 days....


Note from mom: So my e-mail to Elder Hefner last week started like this:
My dearest Elder (Son),

Is there something wrong? Woke up in the middle of the night on Wednesday. 3 AM!!!
I immediately prayed for you...not that I do not pray daily...just added an extra prayer. I love you son...so much!!!

So your feeling to pray for me on Wednesday was correct... Thank you for your prayers. THEY HELPED A LOT... We are so in tune it isn't even funny...But Wednesday I was pretty sick.. I didn't leave the house for 5 days. All I know is that I had ¨El Dragon de Dos Cabezas¨ lol.. It´s the nickname the Missionaries have for when you are so sick you can't keep anything down...

More Promptings

I didn't have a lot of miracles this week because I was in the house sick but I had a great one today... and I would like share The story of Ironelis!

I helped reactivate Ironelis... The Elders are going to start teaching her husband now... Her reactivation story is pretty incredible...

OK! So Ironelis is the daughter of one of the most faithful members of the ward..: Hermana Mila. Hermana Mila is 65 years old, can hardly see, but every time we go over she has a reference and wants to know when she ca leave with us to teach them! Well Mila left on vacation and Ironelis is staying in her house (Which happens to be much easier for us to visit.) One day when we are walking we get a call... She calls us and says ¨Me and my baby are super sick... can you come to give us blessings?¨ We knew that we were the only ones who would go give her a blessing because no other leaders were even close... But we had a choice to make. We were pretty far from her house (About the distance of our house to the Lakefront) and our next lesson was even farther in the opposite direction of her house. What do you do? Well the answer was pretty clear. As Priesthood holders of God we take an oath to uphold and honor our priesthood and use it to bless the lives of others, and to use it to keep our Covenants of Baptism (Mosiah 18:8-10). We started in the other direction and started walking. We showed up to her house covered in sweat and exhausted. We administered blessings to her and her new born baby boy of health. She asked us where we had come from and we told her the truth. And as quickly as we had come we left to go to our lesson in the opposite direction. From where we were it was about Our house to Downtown Kissimmee... We got to the lesson and no one was there. In fact every other lesson we had fell through that day. I was a little frustrated because we had done what we should have and yet we didn't have a single lessons... Well the blessing is seen now... She has come to church for 5 weeks straight and the other day I went and asked her how she was and she told me that her and her baby have not had a Single problem with their health since the moment we left their house that day. It helped seal her testimony of the Priesthood, that God´s authority truly is on the earth. Sometimes as Priesthood holders we are called away from our families. We are called on to go and give blessings late at night, or are put out of our ways with callings that seem hard to bear. The Priesthood truly is something that we are called to BEAR, but in reality it is God´s power here on the earth and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the Only church that holds this authority. It was Restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith and because it was we have the opportunity to change lives. We just have to be willing to walk the path Christ walked... After all... If Christ could walk all the way to Jordan to be baptized... We should be able to start up our cars and drive a few minutes to fulfill our own duty.

Saying Goodbye to Esperanza 

Last District meeting in Esperanza... Saying goodbye was rough but it´s good to go start growing again in a new area! :)
Visiting Charo and Kelvin in the hosptal to say bye... really going to miss them...

.... and saying goodbye to Wally and Nicole... :(

Transfer - new area - new companion

I just got to my new area right now... I am a step dad to Elder Pickett! He´s a really cool guy.. BUT I am back in Santiago... You know what that means... AMERICAN FOOD WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I am in Bella Vista.. but I am in the BOONIES lol  I got home but my bags down and left to write to you!!! lol You will get all of the new pictures next week lol My comp is from Utah.. A town called Cedar City. He has two Sisters as well.. One is 22 and the other 14!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

2nd Fried Burrito Activity... Esperanza got 3 new investigators and 2 less actives to church... WAY TO GO FRIED BURRITOS!!! lol

Hey I have to go now though.. Need to put a good example for Elder Pickett!!!
I will let you know next Wednesday abou Skype!!!! LOVE YOU!! HURRAH!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Hefner

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