Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Bringing a little of AMURICA to the DR... Making Mama Hefner´s famous Lasagna!! With all humility I can say.... IT WAS JUST LIKE HOME 😅YES, IT WAS JUST LIKE HOME!!! AND THEIR WAS NOTHING LEFT.... They just kept coming back for more... and more... Then they invited others from the street in to eat lol... That´s the culture here... You always make extra because they expect friends or even strangers to come in and share a meal... It is amazing!!

That´s Rossi and her family.. They should be getting baptized this month!


Baptism of Jose Miguel...The man is literally a Genius... He is a teacher of children with Special needs... The only that exists in my area. He runs the school from his house and is a truly incredible person. Every time I leave a lesson with him I feel as though I learned  more than what I am able to teach hahaha

Loving training "his kid"

I AM GREAT. lol We have had several people accepted to be baptized... The Mission President challenged us to give away one Book of Mormon this week and watch the miracles since I have a kid (standard practice)... We thought that was to easy so we gave away 5..: All accepted to be baptized... TALK ABOUT THE LORD MOVING MOUNTAINS.... IT´S THE FIRST TIME IN 8 MONTHS that I haven´t had to be a district leader!!!

He is going to be an AMAZING leader and Elder... The Lord really sent me the cream of the crop... I have been enduring for 14 months... 9 more is just right around the corner. The nurse said I will probably have problems the rest of my life but it´s ok. I have accepted it. The Lord healed me once when I was in utter need with my spine... If it's necessary he will do it again after my mission.. If not it´s a great way to always remember the mission lol
Don´t send me medicine... I won´t be able to take it... The DR of the Caribe has a tight leash on me. LOVE YOU!!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! TTYL!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!

The Bella Vista District!!!! .... For the first time in 9 months I haven´t been a District Leader... I am really relieved that I can just focus on training my kid... HE´S A FIRE BALL!!! 

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