Sunday, February 14, 2016

Want to know how to stop an addiction?

District Bella Vista!!!

A very important request (this Elder knows the importance of food and families)

I am writing my mission President right now but please while I am writing SEND ME HOW TO MAKE LASAGNA!!!! lol IT´S CRITICAL! ALSO how to make the ricotta cheese... BY THE WAY! HI!!! I am making lasagna tomorrow.. lol

E-mail support for his companion Elder Laureano

YEA YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN HIS FACE!!! (I got the missionary mommas to e-mail his companion for he gets no support from home) LOL And thanks so much!   He is good and we have been working really hard... Thanks for the inspiration it really helped!

It is possible to stop an addiction

My week was great.. 4 more people accepted to be bapized... We have SO MUCH WORK it is incredible!! WE HAVE A BAPTISAM THIS SATURDAY!!!! His name is Jose Miguel.. He is actually a teacher of children with Disablities... HE IS A GENIUS. HE has a year with the missionaries but finally feels ready to be baptized! WOO. Last night we had a cool experience.. Wanna hear??

So last night we were teaching a lesson with Pablo.. Pablo´s brother Javier is going to be baptized this month. Pablo has a HUGE problem smoking.. To the point that he told us that every 15 minutes he has a huge anxiety to smoke. We were working with him on and off but last night we got to teach the restoration. It was AMAZING. We were talking for over 90 minutes answering all his questions. He committed to read the ENTIRE Book of Mormon from the start so that he can be baptized at the same time as his brother. Then at the end of the lesson I felt inspired to ask if he had the desire to smoke during the duration of the lessons... He paused and looked at me and got really serious and said ... Wow I really haven´t... I then looked him square in the eye and told him, ¨Pablo THIS IS EXACTLY the power of the message that we carry¨ The Spirit filled the room and his eyes went wide as he understood. I then promised him through the Spirit and the Authority of our callings that the Lord would help him conquer his addiction. HE accepted to stop smoking and asked us to come back TONIGHT (The next day) To watch the movie of the Restoration. Pablo and his brother are 22 and 23 years old .. The lord is revealing all the Priesthood for the future ward of La Herradura...

Learning as I teach

Thanks dad... That quote was incredible... I hear your knee is still bothering you.. I think it´s finally time to realize the real diagnosis here. You´re old man... lol na just kidding. My kid is great. He´s a fireball with a powerful testimony. Dad if there is on thing I have learned here it is that The power of the Priesthood is real and it is a sacred responsibility. I had a cool experience the other day... I was giving a capacitation on the Holy Ghost which was given to me by my District Leader and it truly was incredible. I prayed all morning and studied but only came up with one scripture to use. I got up to speak without anything planned but with full confidence in the Lord. I got up and the Lord loosed my tounge and I gave what I truly believe was the most Powerful Capacitation I have ever given... I spoke for 15 minutes and was given several inspired questions to ask the entire time and make comparisons I never had even imagined. It was funny because one of your favorite scriptures in DyC 76 was written in the back of my Preach my gospel and I read it right before I began speaking and everything clicked. It was the testimony of the Prophet Joseph on the reality of the Saviour. I got up after and started by reciting the First vision and the Spirit filled the room to the brim. I then made the connection that the Spirit is always so strong when we quote this vision because the Holy Ghost´s job is to testify of the Father and the Son... And what better opportunity foes he have than when the both are talking at the same time to a Prophet of the latter days. We only have heard the two talking at the same time 3 or 4 times in all recorded history. It was incredible how the Spirit opened up my understanding in this moment AS I WAS TEACHING. Thought I would share that with you.. Lots of love

Regarding his stomach illness

It´s getting there! EVENTUALLY!!! lol Mom I think we both need to just accept that I will be sick my entire mission and have that be the end of it. lol Besides I only have 9 months left in the field... lol I have put up with it for 14 months TO THE DAY... I can deal with it for  9 more lol

But hey I have to go soon... I love you a ton.. HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!! :)
Elder Hefner

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