Sunday, February 28, 2016

We saved a kid from getting the snot beat out him by his mom...

VALENTINE'S GIFT!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT A MIRACLE IT WAS...1.Because our money came 3 days late... We ate a lot of chocolate for the last 3 days...LOL and 2 because I have been using a used pillow case since the beginning of my mission...Someone gave me it.. SO NOW I HAVE MY OWN LOL


Several miracles... I can only write a couple though... We saved a kid from getting the snot beat out him by his mom... He was acting out really bad..He´s 14 and his dad died 6 months ago from a heart attack.. She was ready to use a steel bar to discipline him. We stepped in and told her to give us 20 minutes alone with him. We went in and 20 mins we walked out and she had a new son. They are now great new investigators!!! hahahaha As we talked, the neighbors all gathered outside the house to wait to see the result. When we left ,they all accepted for us to pass by their houses too!!! HAHAHAHA talk about awesome! :D 

Another miracle was that we went and visited a member who lives at the top of a giant hill... We were having a pretty bad day but the sister just got out of surgery... She is about 60 years old... We stepped into the house and shared with her and her friend/Future husband. During the lesson she paused us and  said ¨ did you know that I knew you both were here before you even said hello? I thought it was because I have really big feet... But she told  us it was because the minute we arrived at her property she felt a very calming spirit that calmed her down a lot apparently and that all of the pain from her surgery left in an instant,and that the pain still hadn't come back the entire time we were sharing the scripture¨...It left us stunned. She was so sincere as well. We moved the candle closer to read the scripture and as we did the spirit truly testified to me once again that we really are representatives  of Jesus Christ...

WOW THE BLOG WORKS!! I HAD A BLOG MIRACLE!!! A sister who is new in  our mission from BRASIL came up too me and said ¨ Elder Hefner Te Conozco¨ (Elder Hefner I know you) I was super Surprised obviously... She told me that Elder Guzman served in her ward and gave her the blog to follow... She told me that reading the blog every week helped her prepare A LOT to be ready for the mission... She is a really spiritual Hermana!! WAY TO GO MAMA!!!

Hey so no photo´s this week... The Computer doesn't want to send them.. :/ But we had a good week!!!

Elder Hefner

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