Monday, February 8, 2016

The other night when I was running out of money..


SORRY MOM I AM LATE!!! BUT I AM HERE HURRY AND RESPOND!!! lol President surprised me and called. His name is Elder Laureano. He´s from the capital and he´s incredible. I can literally see the Spirit in his eyes.  I can´t explain how happy I am to have him. He is a recent convert of 3 years. HE WAS A PITCHER FOR THE TEXAS RANGERS. He tore a muscle in his arm though and decided to serve a mission instead of try and recover... If you can it would mean a lot to me if you could write him. 

The District from Hato del Yaque!

The area has EXPLODED MOM. I have never seen such miracles in all of my mission... We have over 13 families we are teaching and  most of them have a baptismal date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom I literally am 100 % healthy... I have never been able to work so well in all of my mission... I will send you a picture  next week of my new companion! He´s writing right now... Give him a second :) If you can also send stuff for him in the next package whenever you want that will be cool... Also I really need some Zyrtec when you can... Sorry to ask :/
Me and Pablo

Really fast because I only have 8 minutes... The ward choir sang Grande Eres tu (How great though art) for ward conference IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH! It was so amazing. They had me sing solos on the second and fourth verse. The Second in English... But I told them I had to sing the fourth in Spanish... It was the first time I had to sing balling crying. The Spirit touched my heart so hard that I expressed every ounce of my testimony in the Fourth Verse. For the first time in my life I wasn't nervous performing. The members and visitors were in tears as well. There were so many people at church they couldn't fit everyone... People were standing. This ward is incredible...also my comp got his Identity stolen on his Personal card so I have been paying a lot for him... The other night when I was running out of money.. I dug into my pocket, that was empty before, to find if I had a cracker to eat and 200 Pesos appeared in my pocket out of nowhere........ I only left the house with 150 pesos that day. BUT I HAVE TO GO! I need to put a good example for my son... I will talk to you next week!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!! LOVE YOU!!

Elder Hefner

And the bishop's wife made Arroz con gandules AND LASAGNA in the same time... THE MIRACLES JUST DON´T STOP!!!  MY TWO FAVORITE FOODS!!!  

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